Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas Wishlist

1.) WC X Esther Loves You Bunny Slippers | Lazy Oaf
I'm loving everything Lazy Oaf at the moment (those Disney drops though?!) but I have totally fallen for these cute fluffy bunny slippers. There are a number of rabbit slippers about (and I have a soft spot for the sexy high heeled Streetzies) but these top them all in the adorable stakes. It's like loafing around as a cartoon character with these on your toots.

2.) Geometric Earrings | Micapeet
Anything bold and geometric tick the gift boxes for this girl. Micapeet have been on my radar (aka Etsy wishlist) for a while, with their grid dot earrings but I like these galaxy prints too. And they are quite affordable!

3.) Dimensions Oversized T Shirt Dress | Dreamland Clothing
Dreamland Clothing gets my love of print perfectly. I already own the pink Duplex dress but it's too big for me now. I'd love to replace it with this wild but wearable white and pink version, or the wilder lilac one.

4.) Patti and Selma Fur Clutch | Skinnydip London x Simpsons
I'm not normally one for TV character collabs but there's something about this that really grabs me. Firstly, the pink faux fur, which is enough to make me want it anyway. And secondly because Selma and Patti are so unapologetically smutty. Who doesn't relate? I'd also love the Moe Tassle Clutch Bag for the same reason. Or 90% of Skinnydip stuff- you can't really go wrong.

5.) Temerity Jones Disco Ball Cup | ASOS
Rounding off my wishlist with a disco ball cup. Obviously. I feel a bit basic wanting one, because they're everywhere. But I'm fond of tacky things and I always drink from adult 'sippy' cups because I'm a klutz. Tis the season to sparkle, so why not?

1.) Shorty Top | Rowanjoy via Godiva
Rowan Joy sure knows how to pick a pattern. I absolutely love the bold print of this top, it's just so bright! The cropped shape may not be the most practical for this time of year but the print would certainly help me beat away any winter blues.

2.) Brushstroke Pendant | Tatty Devine
I recently visited Tate Modern for the first time and, after looking at the art, I had a good snoop around the gift shop. Tatty Devine's range of exclusive artistic designs was one of my highlights, especially this neon orange necklace.

3.) Oui / Non Earrings | Not the Kind
Even if I don't wear dangly earrings very often, I can't help but love these Jennifer Loiselle ones. In fact a similar pair have featured in my wishlist way back in March 2015. I can't quite decide which I prefer, these french pair or the Just Dance ones! They're both so fun and colourful.

4.) Tiny Cat Ring | Datter Industries
I very much like cats and I very much like Datter Industries jewellery. That pretty much makes this ring the perfect combination. Though, really any piece from this jewellery range would make me a happy lady.

5.) Classy Lady Zip Bag | Limpet
Clutch bags always draw my attention. They only ever make it out of my wardrobe on special occasions but I love my little collection and thing this one would be a great addition. Just look at that little face... and feet?

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