Friday, 9 December 2016

Stocking Fillers

You might think that shopping small is expensive and, to be honest, that's generally true. There's a certain price tag that comes with getting something handmade. It usually means the maker is paid fairly for their work, quality materials are used and there isn't going to be a million of that item out there in the world. We always try to buy from independent designers and makers as much as possible but we're not made of money. So we've hunted the internet for some lovely shop small items that won't break the bank. Perfect for small gifts, stocking fillers and secret Santa presents that are that bit more special.

1.) Sweet Tree Decorations | Kitschy Bling Things
Sweet colourful treats for the tree. We always enjoy receiving decorations for Christmas, it means we can add to our collection for next year and the decoration always reminds us of the person who gave it to us.

2.) Chocolate Sprouts | Melting House
This is certainly one way to get us to eat sprouts on for dinner! They look so realistic but are made of delicious chocolate.

3.) Gold Tooth Earrings | Finest Imaginary
Got to love a bit of glitter! These earrings would help remind us to take care of our teeth while consuming all those festive sweets (and chocolate sprouts).

4.) Gin & Tonic Lip Balm | Sweet Cecily's
In the cold weather we always try to take extra care of our lips and this balm just happens to taste of one of our go-to drinks, which makes it so much easier.

5.) Christmas Car Pin | Hello Sunshine
This pin says Christmas to us but without shouting it. Nicely festive but we would definitely be happy to wear this all year round.

6.) Cowgirl Christmas Decoration | Memo Helen
We love the colours of this screenprinted wild west decoration. It would look great on the tree or just hanging up in our homes to make everyday a cowgirl day.

7.) Skiing T-Rex Pin | Designosaur
Who doesn't want a skiing dinosaur for Christmas? This guy is super colourful, fun and cool, just look at those shades!

8.) Wild at Heart Camping Mug | Bahru
Winter weather means more opportunities for hot beverages so a pretty mug like this one is definitely a good idea.

9.) Swanning Around Notebook | Hello DODO
We love puns at any time of year but find them especially fun during the holidays. We'd love to extend the humour from the cracker jokes with this lovely notebook.

10.) Christmas Engraved Pencils | Trudy's Store
We find it's always good to have a pencil to hand and having some seasonally appropriate ones would be great for writing our thank you notes.

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