Monday, 19 December 2016

Unlikely Style Icon: Tinsel

When you've already dressed up as a Christmas present in the name of your (increasingly ridiculous) style blog, where else is there to go? Tinsel, clearly. This time round, I'm taking a slightly different approach to previous xmas editions of our Unlikely Style Icons, by having a dress made from the material. I adore an unusual fabric, or texture, and it can turn an otherwise ordinary item into something special. I bought this dress two years ago from Vintage Style Me and I absolutely love it. It's a little big now and, I'm not going to lie, it's pretty itchy around the cuffs. But it's so fun! The look didn't need much else added to it, so I kept everything else simple but layered on the pink with my lip colour and crown made of actual tinsel in my hair. I took a tip from last year's Icon, where I wore a Paperchase bow in my hair. Quirky accessories for the win!

I can't believe I haven't shared this dress before. I'm always surprised by how many things I own (and wear) that never make it onto the blog. I've still got more outfits in me, folks! I make an effort not to repeat too much on here, because I personally find it annoying when style bloggers are dressed in a variation of the same outfit, in a painting-by-numbers style. While I think I have found my style base, and I completely ascribe to the notion that we should buy less, its also possible to mix it up and use your things better. You don't need to be a plain Jane or have a hippie aesthetic to show you care about your consumption.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have an everyday work wear wardrobe and, although I could wear whatever I like, I prefer to wear something functional and plain so that I can concentrate on other things. It's minimalist but still accessorized, and is often commented on even though I think of it as my 'boring' clothes. When it comes to weekends, my outfits are louder and take a little more effort. I do own a lot of items, but many of these items are yeeears old. I tend to really enjoy something when it is new, and wear it regularly for that season, before I tuck it away for a bit so I don't tire of it. If you are choosing pieces wisely they shouldn't age too quickly. Or at all. As I rotate my wardrobe anyway (because I don't have wardrobe space for those winter woolies in summer), it's a nice way to pull out something you've not looked at in a while. I think not having an outfit in your eyeline everyday makes you appreciate it more when you come round to wearing it again. My terrible memory certainly helps! Good thing other people often remember my outfits ;)

Glitter Dress | Vintage Style Me
Shoes | Clarks
Snowflake Necklace | c/o Bonnie Bling
Ring | Anais Paulard
Glitter Lashes | Faux Lash

It was actually Helen who reminded me of this dress. Although I've had it for some time, I've just seen that Vintage Style Me has brought the style back for the Christmas period. You can be fit for the top of the tree too!

Also, remember how I was debating my work Christmas party outfit? I wore last year's unlikely style icon outfit! Dressing like a Christmas present was a winner on the day! You never know where the next outfit inspiration will come from...

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  1. You look like a Christmas fairy (in the best possible way) and I love it!!! <3

    Gisforgingers xx