Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2016 Outfit Round Up: Helen

Kimberley here! I'm rounding up Helen's outfits, and she's doing mine- something we do every year. This is one of my favourite series of posts. It's just so satisfying to go back through the year's catalogue of posts and really appreciate all the stuff we've done. You can quickly forget photo shoots that you were super excited to share, and it's nice to reflect on the year as a whole. Looking at Helen's outfits, rather than my own, makes this process a lot more comfortable too.

Helen's 2015 wardrobe was all about bold clashing prints. It was so good to see her step out of her comfort zone into more daring looks. I swear, that hair cut changed everything! This year Helen has refined the look a bit, mixing the solid colour blocking that dominated her 2014 photos to include these new prints. A simple but effective device that is a common theme in all my favourites. So, let's take a look:

Summer Tan challenge
We both enjoy a tropical print and this cute little vintage playsuit is just so fun! Even if Helen felt like her tan wasn't as noticeable on her as it should be, she certainly had the summer vibe with this look. Bonus points for the wing tipped sunglasses.

I really like the unusual colour combo for this outfit. I'd never think to pair turquoise with brown, but Helen has taken the combo from her insect print sweater and amplified it into a colour block. This is Helen's best style trick, and there was plenty more where that came from.

Vintage Weigh and Pay Challenge
This dress is a potential nightmare for styling- look at those 60's browns, pinks and oranges! Helen uses simple modern accessories to keep the look from going to Granny's Curtains (not that I'd disapprove of that, of course).

Tea Green Outfit
A cute and easy look but I like to see different colours on Helen. Blue isn't a usual colour choice for her. Helen's wardrobe is really expanding in colour direction, showing that you can wear a wide spectrum of colours- even if you are pale!

Winter outfit
I've included this outfit because it was a fun but practical outfit. It's important that outfits are actually wearable- seeing British bloggers out in skimpy dresses in December just isn't realistic! The layering of checks and polkadots looks very impressive and put together, but it's a simple styling device.

This was one of our best collabs this year. Although we both styled this Chouchou scarf, I think it was made for Helen- quirky, orange and patterned. I loved this whole photo shoot series. The light was just perfect and the photos were dreamy.


And my 2016 favourite is... Helen's pinafore outfit.

This outfit is the epitome of Helen's personal style. The nod to French chic, the monochrome and red, the hands print followed across the pinafore, bag, jewellery and her own nails. Helen does love a theme!

Choosing my top Helen outfits was quite tough because we had a lot of great collabs and opportunities this year. Our sparkly Isolated Heroes shoot was a great moment, and we both adore the knitwear from Yellow Bubble.

I have also completely discounted the obvious reader favourite- all of out Unlikely Style Icons! These continue to be our most popular posts (especially those Horror ones!), so we think we'll have to give you more of what you want in 2017. Just how much more ridiculous can we get? Watch this space!

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