Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Blog Crushes 28

Kimberley is crushin' on... Foxx Tailz
Jessica aka Foxx Tailz is an alternative style blogger with a love of all things pastel and Harajuku. I think I first came across her through Twitter mutuals, since social media is becoming a smaller and smaller world. I'm in love with her two tone hair, and her overall style may be edgier than mine but I'm feeling her witchy vibes and the individual pieces are often items I covet. She has a good balance of black and colourful pops, which I could really do with taking inspo from in the winter months.

You can catch Jess on Twitter and Instagram.

Helen is crushin' on.... Living in Clips

I've loved this blog for a long time and it's not just because I went to uni with its creator, Natalie Riachi. Her style is clean yet quirky and she really knows her fashion. Her outfits are full detail and texture but still have that kind of effortless cool that I can never manage to pull off. Plus the photography is just stunning! I especially love how her blog has developed over the years. Started in October 2012 it has changed significantly since she met her husband Matt, becoming a collaboration between the two of them. It's nice to see fashion, travel and lifestyle being discussed in the same space but from two different perspectives, it just works so well.

See more of their beautiful images on Instagram @livinginclips and @hislivinginclips.

We are also lovin'
  • the new VeganVegan Club by Laila of Tapeparade. Apart from the catchy song, this is a great way to get more info if you're thinking about cutting down on meat and dairy.
  • Honey Pop Kisses has released the Honey Pop Club- a subscription box of her CF and fashion faves.
  • This brilliant outfit post from The Young Eccentric, aptly title Babe, You Look like You Work in Mcdonald's

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