Monday, 30 January 2017

January Round Up

round up, best bits, January 2017, highlights, Westworld, west world tv series, Masion de Moggy, cat cafe edinburgh, Finest Imaginery, enamel pin, #smearforsmear Watching: I've been watching the latest US obsession, West World, and I have to say I'm hooked. The sci-fi remake about the uprising of androids has been done really well; it's fast paced and slick. It is centred around a futuristic theme park that is set up like the wild west, and serviced by a robot cast, so that visitors can act out their baser urges in a controlled environment. The blurring of human and android, real and unreal is done very well. There are some quite obvious plot holes but shhhh. It's great TV.

Doing: January is my hibernation month, as I explained in my Winter Blues post. Unfortunately, my boyfriend rudely had a birthday in the middle of it, forcing me from my selfish slumber. Gah. I generously made him a Guinness cake with ganache and truffles (and un-generously ate half the leftovers). We took a trip to Edinburgh's cat cafe, Maison de Moggy, so that he could pet cats and I could stand uncomfortably at the edge, along with all the other boyfriends dragged along. I'm not a cat person but they're quite cute. More on my visit soon.

Buying: this adorable terranium pin from the Finest Imaginery seconds sale. I bought one of these for Helen a while ago but I really wanted it for myself. When I saw it was half price I snapped one up. It would be rude not too! 

Clicking: my besties (including Helen) are off to Dubai in February but I've had to pull out of the trip. I've been looking for things to do to pep me up while they're away and so far I've booked in for a spa afternoon and an overdue smear test. I know how to treat myself! Coincidentally, there's a huge campaign on smear tests at the moment, #smearforsmear, which a lot of bloggers are writing about and sharing. I've learned that a surprising number women I know have cervical issues. It's a reminder that we all need to take care of our selves in the right way.

round up, january 2017, best bits, blogger highlights, La La Land, Moana, jewellery making, skinny dip phone case, Galaxy S7 phone case, horror films, 2017 horror films
Watching: I've jumped on the La La Land bandwagon. I've been to see it twice and I loved it even more the second time. It's full of colour, dancing and songs and it had me smiling, laughing and tearing up. I'm not hugely into musicals but this one won me over. I think I may need to invest in the soundtrack as I keep on humming the songs to myself. Speaking of songs, I also watched Moana this month and it features some great musical numbers. Jemaine Clement singing shiny is something that everyone should watch.

Doing: January has been one of those months that has gone by in a flash but at the same time seem to have lasted forever. I spent quite a bit of time celebrating Heather's boyfriends birthday which included eating lots of nice food and drinking, which is all good in my book. I also got back in the studio for some jewellery making. It was great to be making again, though my hands and nails didn't thank me for it. I managed to make a few birthday presents for friends and family and couple of rings for myself. Not too bad considering I felt a little rusty.

Buying: My phone contract was almost up so I decided to upgrade slightly early so I could have my new phone (with a better camera) in time for my holiday. A new phone obviously calls for a new case and so I picked up this shiny one in the Skinny Dip sale. Finding a fun phone case can be a bit trickier when you don't have an Iphone but I'm happy with the feel and look of this one. Plus it helps to protect my phone from being dropped, something I do way to often.

Clicking: With FrightFest Glasgow happening at the end of February I've been reading up on the films they're showing. I'm going to try and make it along on the Saturday and would especially like to see Raw and Bloodlands.  I've also been getting excited for what other horror films are coming up in 2017. So far I'm looking forward to XX and Get Out but am less excited about all the remakes and sequels that are on the cards.


  1. How could you put yourself through La La Land twice, Helen?? Maybe it's easier knowing what's coming, I don't know. That film genuinely broke my heart.

    Have fun in Dubai - I'll be there in March! My sister lives there.

    Lis / last year's girl x

  2. LOVE Westworld, couldn't stop reading fan theories after I finished it, also adored LalaLand and Moana. I thought Moana was so beautiful and I can't wait to watch it again. Love this post guys! Tx