Friday, 27 January 2017

January Wishlist

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1.) Stranger Things Eleven Tote | Little Stabs by Polly
I'm loving reworked embroidered pieces at the moment. I first came across Polly on instagram and have bought one of her embroidered pieces on Depop. Go follow this girl!

2.) Monochrome Slouch Dress | Rachel McMillan
Scottish designer Rachel McMillan is one to watch- her pieces are chic, wearable and beautifully cut, with patterns far more intricate than you first realise. I particularly like the shape of this dress and the hidden pockets. More dress pockets, please!

3.) Little Lovers Scarf | Bonbiforest
I bought Helen one of Bonbiforest's lockets for Christmas (and totally missed a trick by not putting a photo of me inside, like I know she would love) but I only recently realised they do scarves too. I love the subtle hearts that look like triangles, and watercolour effect of this one.

4.) William Morris Foliage Cuff | Esa Evans
This beautiful foliage scrollwork cuff is a little grown up luxury from our fave, Esa Evans. Neat and wearable, I'm absolutely loving the cuff from the Esa Evans X William Morris Gallery collection.

5.) Cross to Bear Earrings | Milk Tooth London
If you're a fan of door knockers you will love this brand. Milk Tooth source vintage and reworked statement earrings into clearly defined collections. Obviously the Geometric Club Collection is a favourite of mine, and these are simple yet bold. It's Pat Butcher's style heaven and I love them!

wishlist, wish list, January wishlist, blogger favourites, blogger picks, Monki, Beyond Skin, Madelen Foss Illustration, Beth Legg, Young Frankk
1.) Hand Earrings | Young Frankk
These earrings are simple yet statement. I love the size of them and absolutely adore the shape. I've expressed my fondness for hand prints and motifs on the blog before and these fuel that passion in just the right way.

2.) Staffa Basalt Pendant | Beth Legg
Beth Legg creates wonderfully wearable jewellery. I was drawn to this necklace because of the interesting shape. I love the different levels that mirror worn cliffs and I'm always a big fan of a bit of oxidised silver.

3.) Posca Painting | Madelen Foss Illustration 
My love of cats knows no bounds. I want them on my clothes and all over my walls, especially if they're cheeky three eyed ones like this guy. Madelen Foss' illustrations are bold and eye-catching and this one is no different. I want to cover my walls with all of her creations!  

4.) Pewter Vinnie Shoes | Beyond Skin 
These are some sharp shoes. Just look at that shape and that colour! Suitable for work but still with a nice shine to add a bit of glamour to an everyday outfit. Plus, they're 100% vegan.

5.) Shirt Dress | Monki
I told you I love a hand print! This shirt dress is so my thing. I spotted it on Monki's Instagram alongside this shirt and I want them both so bad. Since I've been in a bit of a monochrome rut I thought I'd pick out this one and throw a bit of pink into the mix.

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