Friday, 13 January 2017

Styled by Kimberley: Winter Blues

January is like the end of a night out when the club lights come back on, calling an end to the party atmosphere, and you're left standing, disheveled, all sweaty hair and sticky shoes. I've overindulged in everything this Christmas and I'm feeling it. After a prolonged bout of sinusitis, my body is tired, my skin is terrible and I'm craving all the beige foods that I really shouldn't eat. Clearly, the antidote to this is to wear an unforgiving body con skirt and cropped jumper?!!
Hear me out though.

Even on years where I've had that 'new year, new me' attitude, New Year bleeds into mid-January before normality settles and I actually undertake my new goals. I'm sure I'm not the only one just counting the days until January is over? I get the winter blues quite badly and I just want to hide under my duvet and wait out these dark days. We sometimes forget that living in Scotland is pretty much the worst for this, with a 9am sunrise and 4pm sunset in January. We're essentially mole people, snuffling around in the dark for six months of the year. The good thing about our seasons it is that come March my mood lifts and I spring into action to annoy everyone with my bubbly early morning chat. Rather than sleep my way to spring, I'd quite like to try to keep an even keel. 
Here are a few things I actually do to shake myself awake:

1.) Live by my Lumie Bodyclock.
The artificial sunrise alarm may seem gimmicky (and expensive) but ohmyword it is brilliant. I've used mine for about 4 years and it's worth every penny. Sometimes I turn the light on in the evening to trick my brain into thinking it's daylight. It helps me avoid the 7pm doze. I'm considering a desk lightbox- has anyone tried one?

2.) Exercise.
Jeez, I hate it. It's always the advice for any mental health issues though, and with good reason. Walking in fresh air- and making the most of any daylight hours you can eek out- is ideal. I also like to do yoga or use my exercise bike the second I walk through my front door.  Otherwise I find myself making excuses and that's me trapped for the evening, slowly slouching down into a lying down position. How did that blanket get there? Might as well close my eyes, just for a second...

3.) Make plans.
Basically, do the opposite of what you feel like doing. By filling my diary with nice things- and people!- the days go faster, I feel productive and I don't have the time to mope around. But I alternate this with evenings of scheduled slobbing around because I recognise that, despite my best efforts, my energy levels are still in conservation mode. I'm pretty bad for overdoing it to burn out point (hello 3-month-long-generic-virus-that-won't-bloody-shift). Scheduling laziness weirdly removes the guilt, and I never find myself cancelling those plans! ;)

4.) Cook.
I only discovered this last year and it was a light bulb moment.  Previously I enjoyed baking sweet treats but I didn't enjoy making meals for other people. Because, pressure. My growing Pinterest boards and international flatmates have really boosted my savoury repertoire. I mean, really my tip is to eat well. But it's January. You're skint. You've been brought up on Scottish comfort food and you just want to snack in front of Netflix. Getting creative in the kitchen has totally changed my outlook. It keeps me healthy, gives me things to do, saves me money, and it's sociable. People like being fed!

5.) Dress up.
When you've had no routine during the holidays and no energy in January, doing your makeup and putting on something nice can feel like such a waste of time, but in the long run it can pep you up all day. I'm not someone who dresses up or wears makeup every day, but I always kick myself later on that I didn't bother. A dash of bright lippie or the addition of bold earrings can psychologically boost you.

Top | Yellow Bubble
Skirt | Topshop
Shoes | Topshop
Earrings | Mica Peet
Bag | Thrifty Little
Glasses | c/o IOLLA

Which brings us nicely to my outfit. I treated myself to this cropped jumper from Yellow Bubble last month and I have been waiting for the opportunity to get it out (read: when the snot cleared). Sorry fashion, but I'm not getting my midriff out in these temperatures like I did for our Yellow Bubble AW16 shoot. I popped a white top underneath, and paired it with my favourite striped pencil skirt. The top is so fuzzy. It's really fun to wear- who could be fatigued with this fluff??

I've gone blue overload on this theme- even down to the flecks in my glasses and the resurrection of my old student beauty trick of matching my eyeshadow to my top. You can have that brilliant/ awful 00s tip for free. Talking of throwbacks, how good is this Little Thrifty upcycled glitter heart bag? It was practically made for me, and Helen bought me it for my birthday. The earrings are from my December wishlist and were a Christmas gift from Ian.

The little things that really lift you are often tied to loved ones.
Thanks to Ian for taking my photographs.


  1. Whaaaaaaaaat. I match my eyeshadow to my top ALL THE TIME. Or my underwear, or my jewellery.

    But hey, this is why I'm not a fashion blogger.

    Hello, your wee smiling face.

    Lis / last year's girl x

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