Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February Wishlist

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1.) Blue Eyelet Smock Dress | Lola May
I'm just dying for spring to show up so I can wear pretty floaty dresses like this one. Blue isn't really my colour but I'm loving this pastel shade, it makes me think of clear skies. The eyelet detail is a nice finishing touch and I could see myself having fun swapping different ribbons in.

2.) Mermaid Bag | Sweet As Can Be
Speaking of pretty pastels this little pouch has them all. I do enjoy a good marble effect and this one is particularly swirly, just the way I like it.

3.) Nudes with Booze Fridge Magnets | Liv & Dom
This set of fridge magnets are a rather cheeky way to add some fun to the kitchen. I like these ones holding booze (I only wish my bottle of gin was as large as this ladies) but Liv & Dom also have some with fruit and junk food

4.) Mid Century Breezeblock Necklace | You Make Me Design
Looking at this necklace I can see me wearing it on top of a fresh white shirt. The vintage style of it is subtle and I love the range of colours. You can even pick the chain colour and length for the perfect combination.

5.) Embroidered Bee Button Down Skirt | Emma Warren Design
I haven't owned a denim skirt for quite some time but this one is making me want one big time. The bee detail is fun and has me hankering after spring time even more.

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1.) Blanche White Slip Ons | Miista Shoes
Logically, I know I shouldn't like these. They're clunky and tacky, and those Marc Jacobs'-esque flowers are so done. And yet. Every time they pop up in my feed I feel myself checking them out. You had me at memory foam insoles...

2.) Enamel Cat Shoelace Charm | Toby Likes Cats
All this recent cat talk must have leaked into my brain and now I keep looking at cat-based accessories, What is happening..? But I do want to vouch for shoelace charms making a comeback a la 1996 and I'd gladly pop these cuties on my trainers.

3.) Celima Abstract Dress | Ichi via Joy Store
A very simple pattern in quite muted tones, I'm kind of in love with this dress. It's totally wearable for the office or weekends. Gah, so pretty! Joy Store has a load of nice things in at the moment too.

4.) Joelle Top | People Tree
I often sort of forget that People Tree exist, until this collection came out that is. I'm loving all the fresh colours and print but I have to choose a dalmatian print as my favourite. Also available as a dress and skirt.

5.) Seaweed Earrings | Patricia Nicolas
Statement earrings, moi? These are fab danglers that I'd love to own. Patricia Nicolas jewellery is statement and fun, but also reasonably priced. I also really love the For Your Eyes collection, and I think Helen would like it too.


  1. I love these posts! I want to wear the bag from Helen's list with the Dalmatian top from Kim's please?

  2. That cat charm is beyond adorable!

  3. I love the denim button up - I do have a thing for clothes with a bee pattern. It would go great with a shirt from Mod Dolly <3

    G is for Gingers xx