Friday, 3 March 2017

Blogger Crushes 29

Helen's crushin' on...Jazzabelle's Diary
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Jazmine has been blogging for 6 years! Her amount of output has gone up and down in that time but the fact she blogs when she wants to (and doesn't when she doesn't want to) is something I admire. This is her spot on the internet and she's doing it her way. What remains consistent is the quality of her posts. Beautiful bright photos featuring colourful and interesting outfits. She's a big fan of pattern and always styles them up perfectly. Having read this blog back when I first started reading blogs it's definitely one blog I will always come back to.

You can find Jazmine on Instagram and Twitter for more colourful content.

Kimberley is crushin' on... Clothes, Camera and Coffee

This is a new find, and wow! Rosalind's shoots are edgy, with a dreamy editorial vibe and great styling. It was quite a surprise to me that Rosalind has been blogging since 2009, when she was still in school, but (similar to Helen's find) I like that she still isn't just churning out content; she puts together just one or two posts a month with intent. The blog isn't lacking in writing either, with a lengthy think-piece for each. I particularly like her ode to hats. You can also find Rosalind on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Always love your Blogger Crushes posts to discover new blogs!
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