Wednesday, 8 March 2017

February Round Up

Watching: I went to see The Winter's Tale at Lyceum Theatre at the end of the month It was a modern take, with a dynamic set, and very sweet take on the infamous stage direction [Exit, pursued by a bear]  . The production was set in Edinburgh, and included lively Scottish folk music. I had very mixed feelings about the Fife ned versions of Clown and Autocylus though, which fellow blogger Siobhan Claude Van Damme has written about. I've also been hooked on the gritty Scandinavian dramas of Walter Presents on Channel 4.

Doing: my uneventful week off ended up being a busy one. I had a Galentine's date with Emily and Lucy, and also checked out Flamingosaurus Rex and posed for the Lets Join streetstyle campaign. I was photographed by Louise from Little Things Blog and portrait photographer Washington Gwande (more soon). I had blissful spa afternoon at PURE spa. I also fit in watching some roller derby and comedy improv with Spontaneous Sherlock. Phew! Oh, and Helen had one of those birthday things so I made her a cake and became very unpopular with other party guests due to my Monica Gellar approach to playing (winning) party games.

Buying: Erm.. like 4 pairs of boring trousers for work, since my thighs keep rubbing through every pair I buy. But I was given the much coveted Skinnydip London X Simpsons Moe Tassel Bag when it came back in stock after my sell out Christmas Wishlist. It was Definitely Not a Valentines Gift, given to me by my boyfriend on 14th February.

Clicking: Kindle books. Since embracing my winter hibernation, I've really upped my reading. The most compelling was Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill, which is a Black Mirror-esque tale that is regularly (and accurately) described as Mean Girls meets The Handmaid's Tale*.
The Power by Naomi Alderman is a dark lesson in modern society. It depicts a world where women grow a physical advantage over men (electricity conduction) and how they use it to oppress men and for selfish gain. The concept is brilliant, and it is slightly uncomfortable at times because it's so close to the truth. I also enjoyed We Were Liars by E. Lockhart, a thriller about a girl trying to piece together memories from a horrific accident she had as a child. I'm currently reading Han Kang's The Vegetarian which is much more interesting than the title suggests.

*If you haven't already read this Margaret Atwood novel, do it now.

Watching: Last month I missed a few films that I really wanted to see, namely T2: Trainspotting. I was trying to find time to re-watch Trainspotting before going to see the sequel but I never managed to get around to it. Darn it! Did you see it? Is it any good?
I did make it to the cinema to see Moonlight. With its Oscar wins there's certainly been a buzz about it. I found it surprising, refreshing and moving and left with a tear in my eye. The soundtrack, acting and costumes were all fantastic so I'd say it's well worth the hype. I also watched (and would recommend) Prevenge, a horror comedy about a women convinced to kill by her unborn child. Directed by, written by and starring Alice Lowe, it was the perfect creepy film to watch during Women in Horror month!

Doing: I went to Dubai!! It was my first proper holiday abroad and I had an awesome time. We managed to fit in a whole lot of activities. From going on a desert safari to looking at sharks and penguins in the mall, it was full of fun and bizarre experiences. One of my favourite days was spent hoping in and out of the many galleries situated in and around Alserkal Avenue. There was some excellent art on show, delicious cafes and some damn fine coffee, plus one of the galleries had a cat! I'll be sharing more of my trip on the blog over the coming weeks. Oh, and as Kim mentioned, it was my birthday. I turned the big 30! It wasn't too painful, helped by the fact I was surrounded by friends, colourful balloons, a killer playlist and Kimberley's delicious cake.

Buying: As it was my birthday in February I ended up getting lots of lovely gifts from my friends and family so I didn't feel the need to buy myself too much. The girls from uni got me a hand themed Datter necklace, while Heather bought me my first piece from Lazy Oaf and Kimberley knitted me a cosy hat from Hilary Grant's book. Something I didn't buy this month but did get to finally wear in February was this Punky Pins Shining pin. I bought one for myself and one as a Galentines gift for Kimberley so I had to be patient and wait for Kim to open hers before I could wear mine.

Clicking: I'm always on the look out for new cruelty free makeup to try so I found this updated 2017 list very useful. In fact I've been finding the whole Cruelty-Free Kitty site incredibly helpful. Not only does the site look pretty it has lots of useful guides and articles that cover a whole range of beauty and health products. The only problem with the site is it's based in the USA so a lot of the advice is geared towards American shops and brands. With the world wide web at my fingertips this isn't too much of a problem but if you have any recommendations for UK sites or blogs in a similar vein, do let me know. I'm currently scraping the bottom of my foundation at the moment so it looks like this will be the next thing on my list. 

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  1. I love other peoples book recommendations so I'll have to check these out. I'm also doing my best to only buy cruelty free makeup aswell so any info is useful to me <3

    G is for Gingers xx