Thursday, 18 May 2017

May Wishlist

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1.) Piquet Dress with Luigi The Cat | Lazzari X Kate Pugsley
I'm loving the entire collab between Kate Pugsley and Lazzari but this confetti and fringes dress is quite unusual. The uber cute tshirt with a swimmer popping out the pocket was another contender.

2.) Amelia Travel Jewellery Box | Oliver Bonas
Oliver Bonas is so constantly on point that it's a cliche. But it's just all SO good. I love the modern take on what is often an old lady (not in a good way) accessory- the jewellery travel case. Since I travel quite a bit, and can also need to do multiple blog shoots in a weekend, this is the perfect way to store my jewels.

3.) Soludes Embroidered Slipper | Biscuit
I'm not normally an espadrille flats kinda girl, but I would be for these delightful banana ones! If 'nanas don't float your boat, they also come in rainbow and zebra versions.

4.) Arctic Fox Hidden Layered Skirt | Misha Homemade by Misha Gazel
How adorable is this? The double layer can be lifted (ooh-err) to reveal a tiny embroidered (and quite sassy) arctic fox. Are you sensing a theme with this list? All cute peeps of details. I keep accidentally stumbling across this Etsy account by artist Misha Gazel (normally her fairytale collars and fine art collection). The Etsy shop is oddly named "purplebowl2" and is curated into different well-defined collections, which is a tad confusing and off-putting. Her designes are great, though!

5.) Margot Brunch Club Tee | Joanie
Okay, admission time. I've been meaning to buy this fun, punchy T for quite a while now but it keeps falling off my radar (because sequins). Hopefully this reminder works! Think we all love a bit of weekend brunching, and this is wearable for any easy weekend.

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1.) You're So Cool T | Young Double
After our Napoleon Dynamite Unlikely Style Icon posts what could be more perfect than this t-shirt featuring his wonderfully gormless face! I love a simple white t with a fun print and this one certainly ticks that box. The Best Friend Tees are also on my must have list, whether Kim wants one or not.

2.) Tinsel Biker Jacket | Fictional Character
This faux leather jacket is just all kinds of wonderful. I love the metallic colours, I love the fringing, I love it all! It kind makes me think of the jacket in Girlboss, which is a good thing - that jacket is basically the only reason I watched that show.

3.) Let Me Sleep Iron On Patch | Lizzy Watkins
I have quite a collection of patches just waiting for the perfect items of clothing to attached them to, so what's the harm in adding one more to the pile? This one is cute and would send the perfect message to Kimberley whenever I stay at hers and she tries to talk to me too early in the morning.

4.) Plato Sneaker | No Name x G-Kero
I was brought to the No Name site by these Coucou Suzette beauts but unfortunately they're out of stock, SOB! However, at the time of typing this, they do still have a few of this collab with G-Kero left. I love the little naughty bodies print. Plus a lot of the regular No Name shoes are worth checking out too. Oh, and make sure to have a look at Coucou Suzette's etsy page, just cause it's awesome.

5.) Sacred Heart Turban Headscarf | Cleo Ferin Mercury
OK, so I pretty much want everything from Cleo Ferin Mercury's Spring Summer 2017 collection! I could have made a whole wish list just of her stuff! First of all I have to mention her new blouses - can I have one of every print please? And the detachable collars are all amazing (as always). In the end I opted to add this headscarf to my list because it's such a great item for summer, the print is awesome and the colours are super pretty.

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  1. All of these pieces of clothes are so cute. They look soft and comfortable to wear and have such soft colors. I like the white tee.