Tuesday, 8 August 2017

What Kimberley Wore: Brighton

This week it's all about summer holidays, so I'll be sharing my recent trip to Brighton! Although it was a staycation, as a birthday treat, it was a totally different climate from Edinburgh- super sunny and hot, hot, hot! Can you tell by my squint? I like to pack light and I wasn't expecting it to be quite that warm, so had to do some re-jigging of my luggage on arrival.

Firstly, I'm starting off with my favourite outfit. I'm calling this the Brighton Breton. I wanted something to wear walking around the Lanes (more about those on Thursday), that would be cute but comfortable. This bardot-style top from Oasis was bought just before the holiday and it's been a great purchase- I wear it most weeks! I own a number of striped tops but finding one that's a great fit is the dream. This one is a little bulky under this skirt but I like the overall look.

The skirt has been lurking in my wardrobe since 2010, unworn, apart from the hapless day on which it was purchased. It's a typical Kimberley anecdote *fades out*
I'd just started a new job at the time and dashed out to order a coffee between meetings (because I was totes profesh and everyone drank flat whites so I did too, even though they made my hands shake and my heart race). The very sweet but clumsy barista accidentally knocked it all over me, so I did a Topshop dash for something to replace the dubious crotch stain before an afternoon of meetings. I returned wearing this skirt. If I didn't already have 5 pairs of "spare" shoes under my desk, my colleagues might have questioned my sudden outfit change. I bought the skirt because it was red and I never wore red. I didn't wear it again because I don't wear red. Stick to what you know, people.

I can't even say why I've been hoarding it since. I think I've wanted to prove to myself that it wasn't a dumb purchase made on a caffeine high. Anyway, this is the first second and last time I'll wear this skirt, because following this it outing it became mysteriously covered in coffee stains... I don't know how this happened but it seems I never learn...

I kept my accessories practical, with my comfiest Clarks sandals and trusty backpack. With a base block of both grey and red, I kept the look chic with minimal jewellery and simple French braids that kept my hair off my face. It's an easy look for lunch, coffee and even playing at the arcade (I did all three!) and if the skirt weren't destroyed I'd be wearing it all summer long.

Top | Oasis
Skirt | Topshop (old)
Shoes | Clarks (old)
Backpack | Topshop

Thanks to Ian for squeezing in time to take these quick snaps on the go!


  1. You look lovely and I really like the way you paired stripes with a bright colour! x


  2. I love this top (I have it too) because it goes with absolutely everything I own. Looking good, lady!

    Lis / last year's girl x

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