Thursday, 14 September 2017

Styled by Helen: Candy Colours

Scottish blogger wears Dreamland glitter tshirt, denim jacket, peach skirt and gold boots
Scottish blogger with red hair, Spex Pistol glasses and Dreamland tshirt
Scottish blogger in candy coloured outfit with Dreamland tshirt and peach skirt Meow & you pink cat enamal pin badge by Hello Harriet and Lucky Dip Club worn on a denim jacket
Fashion blogger Helen from Wardrobe Conversations wears a candy coloured outfit

I'm a lover of strong and bold colours but sometimes it's nice to embrace some lighter shades. I've been adding some candy shades to my wardrobe over the summer and enjoying getting into the sweeter side of the fashion spectrum. This peachy skirt has been a bit of a favourite, that was until I washed it with some denim and it developed a slightly blue tinge. Sob! It's still wearable but it's no longer looking quite as fresh as it does in these photos. Luckily my Dreamland tshirt is still looking good. I've been careful with it in an effort to make sure the glitter letters last. It seems to be workin so far!

It's true that I'm not the best at of taking care of my clothing. I will wear pretty much everything to death but sometimes an item's best days don't last quite as long as they should when in my hands. I own several dresses and coats that say dry clean only on the label but have never been near a drycleaners. I also wash everything way too much and avoid hand washing whenever I can. Basically, I have a lot of bad clothing care habits. So I've done a bit of research and written myself some rules to try and stick to:
  • Separate clothes before washing. I'm usually pretty good at separating my darks and lights but sometimes I really want to wear something and it goes in the wrong wash for the sake of speed. Not a good idea!
  • Wash clothes inside out. I only ever do this if something's ended up in the washing basket that way but apparently it can help, especially with dark items.
  • Store things properly. I always hate putting my washing away, it's one of my least favourite chores. I think a wardrobe tidy is required and then that might encourage fold thins nicely rather than just shoving them in and closing the door.
  • Be more delicate with delicates. Yes, that means hand washing items that need hand washed and putting others on a delicate wash. I read that putting items in a pillow case while washing can also help.
So there's just a few rules to get me started. You can see I haven't added 'take dry clean only clothes to the dry cleaners' on there. That's because I know I won't end up doing it and I don't want to set myself up for failure. Maybe sticking to the above list will lead on to other good clothing care habits, you never know.

Fashion blogger Helen from Wardrobe Conversation and her rules for caring clothing
Scottish style bloger Helen from Wardrobe Conversations

Jacket | Charity Shop
Tshirt | Dreamland
Skirt | TK Maxx
Boots | Primark
Pin | Hello Harriet for Lucky Dip Club
Satchel | Vintage Weigh and Pay
Glasses | Spex Pistols

The combination of tshirt and midi skirt seems to have been my summer uniform. I can't get enough of this easy to wear pairing, though I'm having trouble finding a coat that will allow me to take this look into winter. Short jackets, like this denim one, have been working great but I know I'll want something longer to keep out the chill. Getting the right length of outerwear to go with a midi skirt is proving difficult, especially for a short arse like me. Nothing seems to look quite right. Usually I'm pretty good at carrying my summer staples through to colder months but this time I'm struggling. Can anyone offer some advice or point me in the direction of some solid style inspiration?

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