Monday, 16 October 2017

One Dress, Two Witches: The Craft

Halloween outfit inspired by Nancy from The Craft featuring Lindsay Lowe Ouija Sunglasses
Halloween costume inspiration using a simple black dress
We Are The Weirdos, Mister The Craft inspired pin by Punky Pins
Creepy goth Halloween costume inspired by Nancy Downs from The Craft

We're over half way through October and my excitement for Halloween is growing and growing. I put up some spooky decorations at the weekend and I've been watching so many horror films - it really is my favourite time of year! So it's about time we stepped up the creepy factor on the blog!

I love that the blog provides me with even more opportunities to dress up and this year we decided to challenge ourselves to style up one dress in two witchy ways. A little black dress is a great wardrobe staple and also a great starting point for so many Halloween costumes. Cat, bat, Wednesday get the idea. It's also a great base for any withy get-up. We decided to be a bit more specific and channel a couple of our favourite on screen witches using a simple H&M dress.

My witch of choice is Nancy Downs from 90s classic The Craft. I've bee a fan of actress Fairuza Balk since she starred as Dorothy in Return to Oz and her expressive face is perfect from the character of Nancy. That manic grin is just perfection so good! I was a little behind my peers in actually watching The Craft, only seeing it for the first time in my late teens, but it's been a favourite ever since. It's a great film to enjoy with friends at this time of year, accompanied by plenty of Halloween themed snacks of course!

Glow in the dark Head Ghoul pin from Lucky Dip ClubThe Craft enamel pin and ouija board sunglasses - accessories for a Nancy Downs inspired Halloween costume

Glasses | c/o Lindsay Lowe
Jacket | H&M
Dress | H&M
Tights | New Look
Boots | c/o Ted & Muffy
Choker | New Look
Craft pin  | Punky Pins
Head Ghoul pin | Lucky Dip Club
Crown ring | Bloody Mary Metal
Other rings | Made by me

Instead of going for a straight copy of what Nancy wears in the film I thought I'd just try to capture her style. There's a whole lot of black going on to reflect her gothic look. I added some fishnet tights, a faux leather choker and sunglasses, because fishnets, chokers and sunglasses equal bad, right?! These sunglasses are pretty damn perfect for this time of year (if you ignore the fact we're in Scotland and there's no sun). I featured them in last year's September wishlist and love them even more IRL. I'd also been after Punky Pins 'We are the weirdos, mister' pin for a while now so this post was a great excuse to finally make it mine. Rest assured that I will be wearing it throughout the year. It's a pin for life, not just for Halloween. I finished off the look with some creepy makeup and slicked back hair, inspired by one of Nancy's many great hair looks from the film. I'm not sure I quite managed the Nancy grin but I tried my best!

Scottish blogger Helen from Wardrobe Conversations dresses up as Nancy from 90s film The Craft for Halloween
EasyNancy inspired Halloween costume worn by Scottish Blogger Helen from Wardrobe Conversations

There you have it, a super easy witchy outfit that consists of lots of stuff I already own and a few additions that I will definitely be wearing again. Keep your eyes peeled for Kimberley's witch themed look later this week. Do share who your favourite on screen witch is and, more importantly, what (or who) you'll be dressing as this Halloween? 

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  1. HELEN YOUR HAIR. The entire ensemble is amazing but the hair in particular is so striking! You should goth it up more often.

    Lis / last year's girl x