Thursday, 19 October 2017

One Dress, Two Witches: The Love Witch

The Love Witch film poster with blogger Kimberley from Wardrobe Conversations as Elaine Blogger Kimberly from Wardrobe Conversations dressed in witch Halloween costume as The Love Witch with layered jewellery Blogger Wardrobe Conversations demonstrating easy costumes made with a black dress as The Love Witch Blogger Kimberley from Wardrobe Conversations dressed in witch Halloween costume with only a black dress, a wig and some jewellery Kimberley from Wardrobe Conversations show off easy Halloween makeup for her The Love Witch costume with 1960s eyeshadow and lipstick
It's the spookiest time of year and we are sharing our popular Halloween ideas! You can see our past looks here but this week we are sharing a great way to create two witch costumes out of one black dress! Don't we all have a LBD to dress up? Yes, witch is the basic bitch of all Halloween costumes, but we're giving it an individual spin. First Helen did Nancy from The Craft, and now you may call me The Love Witch.

The Love Witch is one of the weirdest films I've ever watched but aesthetically it is utter perfection. No plot spoilers here but I urge you to watch it for the kitschy interiors and fashion, as well as the feminist horror. I'm very surprised it isn't topping the costume charts for this Halloween (unless everyone looks as un-Love Witch-y as I do in this get up. She's a hard act to follow.)

Although it was only produced last year, everything about The Love Witch has a late 60s/early 70s vibe. Almost. The colours, the hairstyles, makeup and (most of) the cars are a pastiche of Hitchcock and B list horror films in their level of detail. There's a sumptuous victorian tea room in soft layers of pastel pink and her intricately adorned, jewel-coloured apartment is a treat for the eyes. Then, up pops random artifacts of modern living. Things that aren't even necessary to the plot. At first I couldn't work out if this was due to the budget of the film- that they couldn't control the whole set so they just didn't try to- or if it was to add to the tongue-in-cheek humour that underlies the entire thing. Definitely the latter. The film is incredibly self aware and served plenty of parody, which makes it a little stilted at times, but overall I think it's a very clever reflection on feminism and sexual transactions. These tiny reminders help bridge the gap for the viewer. This continues to happen to women now.

Wardrobe Conversations wears a Halloween costume you'll want to wear again, with a simple black dress and accessories Lots of rings and a DIY necklace inspired by The Love Witch film Blogger Kimberley from Wardrobe Conversations dressed in witch Halloween makeup as The Love Witch
I really need to watch it again because I did it in a rush for this brilliant and easy Halloween costume.

I have totally the wrong face shape and colouring for this look, I know, (actually I think Helen's would work well). I look more like Trish playing dress up in Elaine's apartment.
 but most of the work is in the hair and makeup. Elaine, the self-proclaimed Love Witch, wears really bold eyeshadows throughout teh film. My favourite is a turquoise that covers most of the lid, with a solid eyeliner all the way round. Bigger is better, and I felt a bit clownish at this level but now I wish I'd gone all out and had spidery false lashes too. Elaine always uses a pink blush on the apples of her cheeks and a pinky-gold lipstick. Actually, the combo of pinky lipstick and pillarbox red nails in the film irritated me, but each is great separately. It's a punchy, if jarring, combo.

This super cheap wig felt.... well, super cheap. I quite liked having long, dark hair for a fun change, though. In a way, a wig is quite fitting as Elaine herself wears a hair piece to bump up her already long black locks. (Again, this is how the film points directly to the theme of artifice in female guile.) Helen dressed the rest of me in her trench coat and lots and lots of jewels.

I didn't realise until the day that I'd misplaced my old jewellery box with all my big ol' moon stones (from that obligatory wiccan period in my life) so we just piled up what we had and Helen got all crafty and made a necklace out of my earring. If we had more time I'm sure we could whip up the dazzling rainbow jacket lining detail that Elaine claims she adds to all her clothes.
She's a stylist MacGyver.
We're a set design A Team.

Blogger Wardrobe Conversations shows a beautiful make up look inspired by Elaine from The Love Witch film
My tips for making this work are quite simple- more is more on the bold makeup and pile on the jewellery. That's all you need!


  1. I love this look - it is super creepy and very witchy! <3

    G is for Gingers xx

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