Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Unlikely Horror Icon: Pennywise

Rereatin the IT film poster with a yellow Lighthouse jacket and red ballon
Easy Pennywise IT costume
Yellow rain jacket and clown makeup for an easy look inspired by horror movie IT
DIY faux leather clutch bag made to look like paper boat SS Georgie in horror film IT
Creepy clown outfit inspired by Pennywise the dancing clown from IT

From Gerald's Game and The Mist on Netflix to the release of The Dark Tower, adapting a Stephen King book for the screen is so hot right now (even if some of the results ain't so great). Of course, his work has always been popular source material. His Dollar Baby deal allows students and aspiring filmmakers the rights to some of his work for only $1 and with so many of his books being bestsellers there's already an eager fan base for studios and directors to tap into. But with the recent remake of IT becoming the biggest selling horror movie of all time, there certainly seems to be a Stephen King moment happening right now. And what kind of bloggers would we be if we didn't jump on that moment, especially with Halloween just around the corner!

Kim posted her Annie Wilkes look earlier this week so now it's my turn. Getting straight on the bandwagon, I decided to go for Pennywise the Dancing Clown from IT.  When I spotted this amazing graffiti art by CGull on Instagram and realised it wasn't that far from me, I knew it was meant to be. I'm a big fan of Tim Curry and think he makes an amazingly creepy clown, but decided to base my look (loosely) on the new version played by Bill Skarsgard. Specifically, I went for the moment where Pennywise pretends to be Bill's missing brother, Georgie. The yellow jacket and red balloon combo from the poster is just so striking, plus it gave me the excuse to buy this jacket that'd I'd been eyeing up for a while. It's pretty much the most sensible thing I own. Almost too sensible in fact - I was boiling taking these photos! I'm looking forward to terrible winter weather so I can actually wear it out and about.

Easy Pennywise outfit for Halloween
Sugar & Vice acrylic necklace inspired by IT, the perfect finishin touch for a Pennywise costume
Easy Pennywise Halloween costume with red ballon

Jacket | Lighthouse
Shirt | Monki
Trousers | New Look
Wellies | Primark
Necklace | Sugar & Vice
Clutch | DIY

The outfit is pretty simple, just some check trousers and a white shirt. I amped up the costume factor by adding pom-poms to my buttons, going big on the make up and giving my hair a good old backcomb. For the perfect finishing touches I rustled up a DIY faux leather paper boat clutch bag (try saying that three times fast!) and treated myself to this awesome Sugar & Vice necklace. While the bag may not be that useful (the space inside is pretty tiny), I will certainly be wearing this necklace again and again. I love how it subtly shows off my horror film fandom.

Wardrobe Conversations easy Pennywise clown costume for Halloween

While I really enjoyed the new version of IT, it's not quite made it into my top 5 Stephen King adaptations - which goes a little like this...

5.) Thinner
I remember watching this late at night on the small black and white television I had in my bedroom. I don't remember much about what happens in it, just that it absolutely terrified me. It doesn't really have the best reviews but it certainly made an impression on young me! I wonder if I'd be quite as scared watching it again now?

4.) Misery
Definitely my favourite King book that I've read and the film certainly does it justice. Plus it has Kathy Bates and she does horror rather brilliantly.

3.) The Shining
While I don't enjoy Shelley Duvall's performance, I do love Jack Nicholson's. Watching Nicholson play crazy is so much fun. And then there's the iconic set design and those terrifying sisters that have influenced many a blog photo.

2.) The Mist
I'm talking about the film, not the new TV series (which is only ok). The visual effects may not hold up too well but that ending gets me every time. I recently saw it in black and white (as the director intended it) at Dundead and it's one of my favourite cinema experiences.

1.) Carrie
I do have a bit of a problem with the shower scene at the start but the rest of the film is pretty much perfect.

What's top of your list?

Scottish blogger Helen from Wardrobe Conversations shares her favourite Stephen Kin adaptations


  1. An amazing cosplay you wore! I love your dress. You do look like a female version of IT haha. Good luck with your future cosplay.

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