Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Be Our Guest: Lauren Aitchison

It has been a while since we had a Be Our Guest post and we are all about sharing the love for fellow stylish bloggers! Today's vintage-clad beauty is Lauren Aitchison of Scottish lifestyle blog The Devil Wears Tartan, and editor of Bimbo Magazine.
Autumn inspiration  photo with blogger Lauren Aitchison lying in pile of leaves
Scottish lifestyle blogger wearing a bronze and black 80s blazer from Rag Trade Vintage
Portrait of Scottish lifestyle blogger Lauren Aitchison from The Devil Wears Tartan
I'm so old now that I lecture young 'uns on what summer was like in my day. It went on forever; you didn't even have to look out the window, you just put on shorts and a tshirt and off you went. And winter? Every Christmas was a white Christmas! Of course, I'm romanticising and choosing to forget the drizzly July days spent inside reading Harry Potter and playing my Nintendo. But in this time of global warming, autumn feels like the season we can rely on. We can't count on sun and we can't count on snow, but we can count on changing leaves, Hallowe'en, limited edition Starbucks and lots of layers. I'm getting the gang back together again: my entire wardrobe plus tights.

As someone whose self esteem comes and goes as it pleases, the loud patterns in my wardrobe act as armour on the days I'm not quite feelin' myself, and a megaphone for my extroverted personality on the days I am. When I saw this jacket on Rag Trade Vintage, it didn't even occur to me to pair it with trousers. It deserves a spotlight and nothing more than fishnets (I'll take any opportunity to get my legs out tbh). One of my greatest skills is the ability to lose jewellery; it seems to evaporate the moment I take it off, so busy clothes also mean less accessorising. I know, I'm a genius.
Scottish lifestyle blogger Lauren Aitchison from The Devil Wears Tartan portrait for Autumn in Princes Street Gardens
Scottish lifestyle blogger Lauren Aitchison from The Devil Wears Tartan wearing a vintage striped jacket from Rag Trade Vintage
Blogger Devil Wears Tartan demonstrating how windy it is in Edinburgh in Autumn
I usually love having my hair as huge as possible - it's the emo teenager in me - but was so glad I decided to put it up on my way to meet Kim on Princes Street because it was so windy that I would have spent the shoot eating it while looking like Cousin Itt. I was really nervous about having someone who's not my boyfriend taking my photograph but was reassured by Kim saying, "Aww, look at your wee face!" whenever she looked back at the pictures.

Enjoy autumn while you can, everyone. The Christmas gift guides and John Lewis adverts will soon be coming thick and fast and it would be a shame to let our reliable season pass us by.
Scottish lifestyle blogger Lauren Aitchison from The Devil Wears Tartan
Thanks to Lauren for being our guest and for braving the wind and awful lighting to get these dreamy photos. As well as her blog you can also catch Lauren over twitter and instagram. And if you fancy getting involved in Wardrobe Conversations and setting us a style challenge then do get in touch. You can find more details on our contact us page. 

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