Thursday, 2 November 2017

October Round Up

Blogger round up featuring Stranger Things 2, Enchanted Forrest, Rock on Ruby and Fashion Ethics Watching: Stranger Things, of course! Like everyone else, I binge watched the series over Halloween weekend with nachos, popcorn and spooky treats. Unfortunately, I still had other things to do and was left with just one episode to go. ONE EPISODE. I'm saving the finale for this weekend- and it cannot come fast enough! Trying to avoid spoilers online is the pits. I have enjoyed this series as much as the last, apart from that one weird spin-off episode. Bob the Brain though? The best.

Doing: I booked tickets for Enchanted Forest way back in April and I've been super excited about it ever since. I stayed in Pitlochry at a really cute hotel and made a weekend of it with a trip to a whisky distillery and walk up Black Spout waterfall (which coincidentally ended at another distillery. I think I was duped). It wasn't quite as cold at the Enchanted Forest this year but we still indulged in mulled wine and toasted marshmallows. Although I think last year had a better finale, I just think it's a brilliant event for everyone- it's so well organised and accessible.

Buying: I love a tote bag but mine are all getting quite well used. I spotted this Resting Bitch Face tote from Rock on Ruby and just thought it suited me to a T.

Clicking: I'm always on the lookout for the latest news in ethical fashion but I feel that I already know more than the basic most blogs and podcasts offer. I now prefer academic journals on issues such as sizeism, human rights and environmentalism, and I was pleased to hear that Sue Thomas from Heriot-Watt University has just released Fashion Ethics, a book looking deeper into the issues. I intended on going to the book signing but couldn't in the end. I'm still eager to read the book!
I'm also planning a last minute trip to Hamburg (possibly also Copenhagen) in December, which is causing me a bit of stress at the thought of eating out with my new dietary requirements. Frantically googling coeliac-friendly tips as you read. Please send any my way!

Blogger round up featring Blade Runner 2019, Spirits of Scone, Too Cute to Quit and 1 Second EverydayWatching: During October I watched a horror movie everyday for #31DaysofHorror as a way of getting me in the mood for Halloween. I did a mix of re-watching old favourites like The Descent and Hocus Pocus, catching up on some classics (how have I never seen Friday the 13th!!) and discovering some new treats like Martyrs, The Love Witch and Dumplings. On top of all that I also went to the cinema to see Blade Runner 2049. I have to admit that I enjoyed this sequel much more than the original, and it's not just because it has Ryan Gosling in it (though that doesn't hurt). I thought 2049 was better paced, looked more impressive and had a much better Harrison Ford performance.

Doing: The Halloween theme continues... From carving pumpkins to going on an after dark tour of the McManus archives and taking part in a Halloween themed pub quiz, I managed to fit in a lot of Halloweening. My favourite thing was Spirits of Scone, a spooky evening of walking around the grounds of Scone Palace and getting chased through the maze by a cannibal butcher! The whole thing was really well organised and looked awesome - I had so much fun!

Buying: You guessed it... more Halloween! I found it really hard to leave any shop without something spooky. There were snacks (yes I bought Halloween pasta), candles, false nails, make-up, bath bombs and so much more! My favourite buys were a glow in the dark ghost purse by Tatty Devine and this awesome tshirt from Too Cute to Quit. Totally going to be rocking this all year round!

Clicking: After seeing lots of fun videos on Instagram I decided to download the 1 Second Everyday app and make one of my own for the month of October. Not actively related to Halloween but I managed to include plenty of spooky goings on in my video. I did sometimes struggle to remember to film but I'm glad I did. It's nice to have a little snap shot of the month in a handy 31 sec video. I think I'll take a break for November but maybe do another one in December featuring lots of festive fun.

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