Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Styled by Helen: Autumn Colours

Scottish blogger Helen from Wardrobe Conversations dresses for the changing seasons
Wearin autumn colours, a Datter Industries hand necklace and pointing pin and a vintage scarf
Dressing for the cold with autumn colours and layers
Dressing in autumnal colours inspired by the fallen leaves
Autumn outfit inspired by fallen leaves

I was delighted when Lauren (aka The Devil Wears Tartan) got in touch to Be Our Guest, but then super sad because I couldn't make it along for the autumnal photo session! I still enjoyed reading her post though and I loved her 80's look from last week - the colours and patterns of that blazer are fab! My autumnal outfit is a bit more casual but I made sure to include deep reds, greens and a touch of orange to match the leaves around me, plus I went for a Lauren inspired lie down in them!

Wearing a vintage scarf in the leaves for an autumn outfit

Coat | Charity shop
Shirt | H&M
Jeans | Charity shop
Boots | Zara
Scarf | Vintage
Necklace and pin | Datter Industries
According to Google, Autumn lasts from Friday 22 September to Thursday 21 December. I ain't buying that. For me Autumn was pretty much October and then the chill turned way too wintery. I've been wearing a hat and scarf almost everyday since the start of November and not just as a style choice! But (when it's not raining) I find myself enjoying dressing for this time of year. I love piling on the layers and picking out the right woollen accessory to keep me warm. Who doesn't love an excuse to wear even more of your wardrobe?!

Another good thing about the changing seasons is pulling out a bunch of clothes that have been hiding at the back of the wardrobe for a while. This coat is one of them. The colour is a kind of odd sludge green/ brown and there are holes in both the pockets but I still wear it every now and again because it's perfect for those chilly but not too chilly kinda days, making it the perfect transitional piece. Plus, this scarf goes really well with it. The rest of the outfit is relaxed and comfy because sometimes (especially when it's cold) that's all I want to be.

What are your go to autumn / winter pieces?

Kickin up leaves in the park while wearing an outfit of autumn colours

Thanks to Heather Mac for being my photographer extraordinaire!


  1. I was so disappointed not to see you too! I'll be down in Dundee in the Christmas holidays so let me know if you're around! x

  2. Hi how do I get in touch with you? X