Tuesday, 9 January 2018

2017 Outfit Round Up: Helen

Hello, it's Kimberley! Each year, Helen and I round up our favourite outfits throughout the year- but for the each other! It's a really great snapshot of the brands we've loved and the memories we've shared. I really enjoy creating these posts and it also avoids the narcissism of picking my own...

I wrote in my 2016 Helen outfit round up post that the year was a transformation in colour. It built on the 2015 outfit round up, showing a real growth in confidence and accessorizing. In 2017 we admittedly did far fewer outfit posts but there are 2 looks Helen has consistently gone for.

Theme one: the midi skirt with tucked in top
A classic look that will never date, the midi skirt (circle or plisse) has been a big trend and is something sure to carry on. Here are Helen's best examples:

Cat Lady (again)
I couldn't round up Helen's looks without featuring some cats. She loves 'em. And I love this jumper. It's more like something I'd wear, with it's pink and pastels, and it's 80s-esque motifs. It's probably the only cat accessory I'd be willing to be seen in. I'm liking the level of detail in this outfit, down to the matching nail colour, which I've noticed across this year's posts.

What Helen Wore: Candy Colours
Maybe I should be calling 2018 the year of pink for Helen, because she has slipped a lot of it in! I'm clearly working my evil on her. This candy pink skirt looks good enough to twirl in and I like the way Helen has pushed it away from Grease to modern styling by pairing it with a simple logo t shirt and denim jacket.

What Helen Wore in Dubai
This pick is a bit of a cheat, because the post rounds up a tonne of really great looks. The Breton stripe and skirt is my favourite, as it's relatively simple but looks instantly put-together. The matching skirt and shoes is a great segue into my second theme for Helen 2017...

Theme two: matchy-matchy colour blocking
Another huge trend this year, which has been a must-have of bloggers at any fashion week. Make a huge statement in an all over colour, and be as bold or muted as you like, as long as it blends. Here are Helen's best looks:

Styled by Helen: Crosseyes
I noticed that in the second half of the year, Helen has become very fond of piling on block colours to create a bold look- normally in orange! These gold boots seem to be her favourites, appearing in many photographs this year. We are all about the #30wears here.

Styled by Helen: Winter Blues
Helen has a more macabre style than mine, with her love of horror and a fixation on body parts. I adore the skeleton top against the black back drop of the rest of this outfit, softening the look to remind me of Funnybones (the classic children's book series).

Wearing Charcot for MS Awareness Week
Another orange outfit, this one was nearly my top favourite. The colour blocking is incredible, with the matching accessories. It isn't one I would wear myself but I love it! It also contrasted really well on the day with the black and neon base of my own outfit.

And, now for the drumroll.....Helen's best look of 2017 is...
Sunjellies Afternoon
This look is my winner because it ties together strong colour blocking and print. And I'm infinitely jealous of Helen having this shirt dress. I want it! She wore it for a fun day out in Glasgow, where we ate cake with Sun Jellies and lots of lovely Glasgow bloggers, before getting a vintage makeover. It reminds me of this brilliant day together. Of course, I remember admiring this outfit at the time and thinking how effortless it was.

As we haven't posted on the blog much this year (due to other commitments), I know that Helen has a bunch of new looks in the bag, ready to share. In fact, one of my favourite of her Autumn looks is missing so I hope it will appear in my next annual round up for her. You are in for a treat in 2018

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