Thursday, 11 January 2018

2017 Outfit Round Up: Kimberley

Helen here to round up Kimberley's 2017 looks. She's already rounded up her favourites of mine so now it's my turn to enjoy a trip down memory lane trough the medium of Kim's wardrobe choices. We haven't been the best bloggers over the last year but we still managed to take some photos and write up some posts during 2017. 'Be a better blogger' is definitely one of my new year's resolutions and, now that Kim and I have matching blogger notebooks, you should expect to hear a lot more from us during the next 12 months! Not sure if that's a promise or a threat.

Anyway on to the subject at hand - picking my favourite Kimberley looks! 2015 was a contrast of casual and sequins, 2016 was all about vintage glam and trying some laid back new looks, but in 2017 more was MORE!

Theme one: perfect patterns
From polka dots to florals, Kim got right on board with piling on the patterns:
Candy Colours
Patterns have always featured heavily in Kim's wardrobe and I love how she mixes together two of them here in the form of dots and ditzy florals. With the earrings, glasses and bag there's a lot going on here but the candy colour palette brings it all together for one sweet look.

What Kimberley Wore: Sun Jellies Afternoon Tea
A slightly simpler outfit but still with a strong floral pattern in the form of this awesome jacket. Biker is certainly not a style I'd normally associate with Kim but the print is so very her. I love the addition of the faux fur, both around her neck and on her handbag, that perfectly softens up this cool girl look.

What to Wear to Edinburgh Cocktail Weekend - Sunday style
My favourite of all Kimberley's patterned looks is this amazing jumpsuit, it's such a stunner! It looks super cool worn in this casual style but it would also look awesome styled up to the max. Sadly it was just borrowed for the shoot but I think Kim definitely needs to make it hers.

Theme two: be BOLD
I love bright pops of colour and bold graphics so I really enjoyed seeing Kimberley incorporating both of these into her outfits and totally nailing it:

What Kimberley Wore: Brighton
While I was all about the midi skirt in 2017, Kimberley was rocking the pencil look and doing it in RED! An unusual colour to see Kim in but I absolutely love how she wears this red, white and black ensemble. Simple but super striking.

Winter Blues
Another super cool pencil skirt, this time in a flattering stripe print. The tight fitting skirt contrasts perfectly with the loose knit and I love the mix of textures. It's also great to see Kim showing off her collection of independent designers with this Thrifty Little bag, Yellow Bubble top and Mica Peet earrings - I want to steal them all!

Styled by Kimberley: Charcot for MS Awareness Week
I feel like this outfit is deceptively simple. Wearing all black might seem like a safe option but it's not something you see Kimberley in too often. Then there's the addition of neon Charcot accessories which adds just the right colour pop. Plus I love these mules on her.

And my favourite Kimberley look of 2017..... Napoleon Dynamite

We normally stay away Unlikely Style Icon looks for these round up posts but I'm starting 2018 off by breaking the rules. Kimberley introduced me to (and made me truly appreciate) the hilarity of Napoleon Dynamite and for that I will be forever grateful. Aside from the character, I just love this look. It's super simple, infinitely wearable and it features a great message, plus it's always nice to someone else wearing something I've made. And, if all that wasn't enough, the post features some amazing moves.

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