Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Styled by Helen: Sale

I'm so easily swayed by a sale. I try not to be but I find it very hard to resist a bargain. I'm note one to buy strategically and tend to just go for anything I like the look of that has a decent price reduction. Usually these things are heavily patterned and go with very little else in my wardrobe. Case in point: this Monki dress. It's blue (a colour I don't often wear), it's long (a strange length that's slightly longer than the midi I'm used to wearing), it's heavily patterned (making it difficult to coordinate with other items) and it's not the most flattering of shapes. But, sometimes, the sale purchase that steps out of the usual comfort-zone is just what's needed.

Dress | Monki
Boots | Primark
Belt | H&M
Pin | hello SUNSHINE for Caboodle Magazine
Glasses | c/o CrossEyes

That's what happened here. I bought this dress on a total whim. I liked the pattern and it looked super cute in peoples #monkistyle pics on Instagram. I ordered it online and tried it on pretty much straight away when it arrived. Looking in the mirror I thought 'oh no! This isn't right'. I wasn't sure about it all - the length and general shape (or lack of) really bothered me. Queue a very sad face from me and lots of huffing and puffing about having to send it back.

But then I put it on again. I added the boots and the belt and suddenly felt so much better about it. Not just better, I felt pretty damn fabulous! The pattern is fun and colourful and instantly lifted my mood. AND the fabric is super stretchy, making it VERY comfy to wear.

Being so bold and busy it makes it look like I've made an effort, while being a dream to wear and lounge about in. Ta da - sale buying regret was transformed into garment love with the addition of some basic accessories. Goes to show that you shouldn't judge a piece of clothing on it's own. It's going to be worn with other things and the right footwear and accessories can make such a difference! For me, they totally helped me fall in love with this dress and, in turn, this dress helped me get out of my red, black and white outfit rut. Don't get me wrong, I still adore that colour combination but it's nice to mix things up every now and again.

I've already worn this dress a couple of times since I bought it and I can definitely see me wearing it a whole lot more when spring arrives. So, while thinking consciously before buying sale items (and all items) is very important, sometimes that thoughtless purchase can turn into a wardrobe favourite.

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  1. I am LOVING THIS and you should wear blue more often - it looks amazing with your hair!