Thursday, 8 March 2018

International Women's Day Wishlist

Today is International Women's Day so we thought we'd make some special wishlists to celebrate, picking out some fabulous feminist and female themed items that we would love to own. Take a look:

Wishlist celebrating women for International Women's Day featuring Deep Breaths Collective, Devine Gunn, Glasgow Women's Library, Rachel Antonoff and Tatty Devine
1.) Hysterical Female Tshirt | Rachel Antonoff
From reproductive system sweaters to equal pay tshirts, there are a number of fabulously female designs in Rachel Antonoff's collection. I particularly like this Hysterical Female one as it's a simple and strong way of claiming back what has in the past been a ridiculous medical term and a lazy insult.

2.) Sew on Patch | Devine Gunn
Devine Gunn design with a fabulously feminist slant. I love this patch which uses a quote from The Handmaid's Tale. In fact, I love it so much I bought two of them to give as Christmas presents. Now maybe it's time I get one for myself.

3.) Suffragette Banner Necklace | Tatty Devine
In collaboration with Museum of London, Tatty Devine created this necklace celebrating Vote 100 - marking 100 years since Parliament passed the law allowing the first women to vote. It's part of a small collection in which each piece is fab, but I especially love the colours and message behind this one.

4.) Girls to the Front Tote | Deep Breaths Collective
A handy tote bag is always a great idea and this one also features a strong message in an awesome font. On top of all that, they donate 10% of profits to the Solidarity not Silence Campaign. Win win!

5.) Slogan Mug | Glasgow Women's Library
Designed by Sally Hackett and made by Anna Lewandowska-Mirska for Glasgow's Women's Library. I love Sally's illustration style and the whole range of designs are empowering and just plain fun.

1.) Me Too T Shirt | The Bloushop
I came across this brand one of my favourite ways- through another blogger, Eleanor Claudie. I take that as a double win for supporting women. Also, I just really like the bold and fun design of this t shirt (in collaboration with Lauren Mitchell) that addresses the dark and serious subject matter of the #MeToo campaign in a wearable way.

2.) We Should All Be Feminists | Chimimanda Ngozi Adiche
You can't talk about feminist gifts without mentioning the book-length essay by Nigerian author Chimimanda Ngozi Adiche. Describing modern day feminism and the micro aggressions that women suffer daily in a witty and thoughtful way- everyone should read this.

3.) Venus pin | Kirsten Manzi
This may look familiar because Helen has one already, but this pin is worth sharing again. Apart from being pretty, and pretty obvious that it celebrates women, 10% of each sale is donated to Dundee International Women's Centre.

4.) Stay Loud Print | Doodlepeople
I like the subtlety of this quote but it immediately brings to mind the notion that women should always be nice and not rock the boat. It's good to be reminded that we have a voice and should use it. I also like the tongue-in-cheek puns of some of their patches, such as 'pizza rolls not gender roles'.

5.) Future is Female pin | Sassy Girl
I feel like I've seen this astronaut pin floating around (geddit?) Pinterest for quite some time but it's been hard to pin down where it started. This version is cute and affordable.

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  1. I love this wish list - particularly the pins! Perfect for International Womens Day <3

    G is for Gingers xx