Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Styled by Kimberley: Bold Prints

I don't want to jinx us all but I think that warmer weather may be on its way. Or at least, I am hoping so. So, this week we are shrugging off the winter coats we needed last month to show off some bold prints for spring!

I've written before about how I am affected by SAD (and given my 5 tips for overcoming winter blues). I hibernate in winters, and this year seems to really be dragging. I think it's because I'm acutely aware of the chronic fatigue that accompanies my coeliac disease. It's even harder to keep my energies going in the long, dark Scottish evenings. When I'm really not feeling like doing anything, I don't feel like putting my energy into dressing up nicely (I know, not like me at all), which is why I'm fond of an all black combo. I recently realised that I've been channeling Shirley Carter from Eastenders in my black turtle neck and camel coat outfit. She is possibly the unlikeliest of style icons!

Anyway, I've been thinking recently of the best way to make your outfit look put together without any fuss. Of course, you can go all black with minimalist jewellery, like I generally do each January. But now that layering is not as necessary, it's time to think of something a little more interesting.

Adding colour and pops of print is also one way to feel like brighter days are on their way. Double win!

For this look, I chose a large print in monochrome so that it didn't feel too loud. The dress is quite long, meaning that there is more surface area for the pattern, which gives it that oopmh I love in an outfit! What I love about a good dress is that it makes a statement all by itself. It's the crockpot of styling, doing all the work in one piece. Okay, okay, it's technically quite lazy styling. But if it works, don't over egg it.

I have doubled up the tropical theme with these amazing monstera leaf earrings I got for Christmas. I've been itching to get them out! Tying in the pink glasses, lip colour and ring throughout keeps it consistent. The ridiculous green eyeshadow elevates it to the level of gauche I love. I know it's too much for some so let's call that an optional extra ;)

I've also paired it with these boots, as I'm so excited to be able to walk around in heels after all that snow last month. I was beginning to feel like I'd had the boots for ages without being able to give them a whirl. I'm not a fan of wearing long boots that sit higher then skirt hems, so the ankle boot is perfect for longer lengths. It's also forcing me away from my default black for a softer look.

Dress | Barbican collection at Warehouse
Boots | Primark
Monstera Drop Earrings | Mica Peet
Muir Earrings | c/o IOLLA
Ring | Anais Paulard

How are you dressing for Spring?