Monday, 16 April 2018

April Wishlist

1.) Dinosaur Sweatshirt | Tee Party
I've been having a go at embroidery recently, after many years of meaning to get back round to it. It's having a bit of a moment on clothing and this neat and petite design is on the money.

2.) Rainbow Earrings | Happy in Finland
Just another adorable pair of earrings that I need, need, need. I'm also in love with the 50 other variations and colour combinations- nearly two for every day of the month ;)

3.) Giddy Up Shift Dress | Sister Jane
Sister Jane is a brand that I don't know much about but I feel like I've heard of it a number of times. I accidentally found myself perusing the website and loving so many of the items. I think a couple of items will be slipping into my shopping basket very soon...

4.) Rude Matisse Inspired Brooch | Liv and Dom
I really enjoy Liv and Dom photos popping up on my instagram feed. The rude little nude figures are adorable and just a bit naughty. This is the only wearable item but I recommend taking a peek at the other ceramics.

5.) Krilling It! Clutch | Eat.Me.Do
I could swear that I'd featured this bag on a wishlist before because I have looked at it online so, so many times. I'm not sure why I love shellfish as a pattern so much when I really don't like to eat them but I think it's because they're so quirky. And pink.

1.) Indoor Cat Sweater | Stay Home Club
It's true that I spend most of my time indoors, and I also love cats - making this sweater a perfect fit for me with its cute Satoshi Kurosaki illustration. I also love the colour (you can probably tell by it's abundance in this wishlist), it's such a lovely sunny shade.

2.) Seagull & Chips Necklace | Sugar & Vice for National Maritime Museum
The weather is getting better (I even went outside without a jacket on at the weekend) and this necklace just makes me think of sunny days trying to eat chips outside without being attacked.

3.) Yellow Rainbow Cat Earrings | I Like Cats
More cats! Even if this wishlist didn't feature my name, the double dose of cats would certainly give it away as mine. I Like Cats have recently added a whole range of awesome acrylic cat jewellery and this colourful pair are my favourites, followed closely by these rather wonderful Cat and Sword earrings.

4.) Citrus Wreath Plate | Natalie J Woods
I love this plate! The illustration is super fresh and those oranges look good enough to eat! Of course, I'd probably end up putting cake on it rather than something healthy like the oranges it depicts.

5.) Pointed Toe Brogues | ABO Shoes
It's been quite a while since I wore a brogue but I think I need to start wearing them again, especially if they come in such pretty colours and with such dreamy laces!

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