Sunday, 29 April 2018


Colourful wardrobe


I know I'm very guilty of looking in my wardrobe and thinking this thought, sometimes even shouting it out loud. I've seen all these clothes before and I've worn them what feels like a million times. At this stage it can be hard to feel inspired and that's when the temptation to buy new things starts to creep in. There's no getting around it, buying new things is fun - I know I always get a little rush when I make a new addition to my wardrobe. And sometimes a new item can be required - I just discovered holes in two separate pairs of trousers, in spots that are very difficult to repair. But a lot of the time there actually is plenty in my wardrobe and I really don't need to go out and add more fashion waste to the world! 

Dressing for the blog can definitely add some pressure to always be wearing something exciting and new but that's not how things work in daily life. I'm constantly wearing things to death (see previous mention of my trouser situation). Plus, that feeling of buying something new can be more than matched by the feeling I get when I find a new combination from things already in my wardrobe.

When I started reading blogs there seemed to be loads of three ways to wear posts and projects like the Uniform Project. I always really enjoyed reading these and took a lot of inspiration from them. Since reading those I've always thought about adding something similar into the Wardrobe Conversations mix. Well, after having a look back through the archives (there's nearly 5 years worth now!) it turns out we have been doing it all along without even realising. Take a look at this little lot...

Tops - 3 ways to wear polka dot tops
3 wears to wear polka dot tops

Bottoms - 3 ways to wear patterned skirts
3 ways to wear patterned skirts

We've even made good use of that trick of swapping clothes to make it feel like we have something new....
Swappin dresses with friends helps to feel like you have something new

Fashion Revolution Week always gets me thinking about who made my clothes but this year I've also been considering the problems with fast fashion and what I can do to fight the urge to buy, buy, buy. Kimberley shared some different ways people are reusing and repurposing clothing, textiles and more (which are all AWESOME) but sometimes just discovering new combinations and making full use of what's already there in my wardrobe can be a step in the right direction and I feel like this post is a great way to remind me that I really do have plenty to wear!

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