Monday, 2 April 2018

Styled by Helen: Yellow

Scottish Blogger Helen of Wardrobe Coversations embraces sunshine in a yellow outfit
Yellow street style outfit featuring tropical print trousers
Cheerful yellow outfit
Blue nails and silver rings
Embracin yellow for summer

Hello yellow!

There's something about wearing such a bright colour that just makes me smile. I usually enjoy adding splashes of this cheerful shade to my outfits but lately I've been finding myself wanting to wear more and more of it. Ever since I got my Lighthouse jacket, I've felt the power of wearing such a positive colour to brighten up a horrible day. Battling sleet and snow is way more fun with a big splash of colour. Even when the sun made a brief appearance at the weekend, it only made me want to embrace this wonderfully warm colour even more!

I might be a big fan of this happy shade but tbh I thought I'd struggle to put together a full on sunshine coloured outfit for this post. That wasn't the case at all and I actually ended up having two different outfits to pick from! Turns out I've been adding yellow pieces to my wardrobe without even realising. I picked up these trousers last summer while doing some charity shopping. They're super lightweight and I love the tropical pattern. The only issue is that they crease like mad! I hate ironing so it always puts me off wearing them but I keep them around because they're just so comfy to wear on those rare hot days. It's true that there hasn't been one of them for a long while but I'll be really grateful when one does come around - you mark my words.

Helen from Wardrobe Conversations wears yellow Office shoes and tropical charity shop trousers
These shoes are another item I've been struggling to wear at the moment. They're suede and I really don't want to ruin them by wearing them in the rain so I'm patiently waiting for the weather to improve. I have been popping them on occasionally when I know I won't be outside much - I do like to get as much wear as possible out of the items I buy.

One item I have been wearing loads is this tshirt. You may remember it from such appearances as my December Wishlist. I'm so happy I made it mine as it's equal parts fun and super easy to wear. Granted it's not fully yellow but it's there in the embroidery. The coat I would probably wear all the time if it was actually mine. I borrowed it from my sister because even though the sun was out it was still way too cold to go outside in just a tshirt, though I did manage for very short spells to get some of these photos.

I added even more yellow with my jewellery choices, opting for one of my favourite ways to add a splash of yellow to any outfit - this Beth Lamont necklace. Then, on top of that I added some pieces that I made myself. It's been ages (over a year in fact) since I put my hand to some jewellery making so I was super happy to get back into the studio in March and even happier when my designs actually worked out the way I wanted them to! Tassels are so hot right now...

Addin pops of yellow to an outfit with a Beth amont necklace and Macaroni Cheese tshirt by Limpet store
Yellow outfit against a yellow backdrop

Tshirt | Limpet Store
Trousers | Charity shop
Shoes | Office
Coat | Borrowed from Heather Mac
Necklace | Beth Lamont
Earrings and rings | Made by me
Glasses | Spex Pistols

I'm definitely feeling excited to wear more yellow come the summer months. In the meantime I think I'll continue to add pops of it to my outfits whenever I need cheering up. I'll also be on the look out for more fun yellow items to add to my wardrobe - perhaps a nice big yellow bag or even a bright, sunny blazer. How do you guys feel about yellow? Do you prefer a pop or are you all about the head-to-toe look? 

Having fun with cheerful yellow clothes and accessories Scottish blogger in full yellow street style outfit

Thanks to Heather Mac for snapping these photos, and for the use of the coat which was very much appreciated!

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