Thursday, 5 April 2018

Styled by Kimberley: Yellow

Yellow is the happiest colour there is but I can hardly bring myself to wear it. And why? Because many moons ago I read a magazine article that told me not to. My skin is too waxen, it said. I was warned it would make me look pale, which is the worst thing you can ever be, according to noughties girl's mags. Funny, when you remember just how terrible fake tans were back then.

Nowadays, I couldn't care less how pasty my skin is. It's my skin tone. I enjoy having a light, healthy tan (and our collab with Bellamianta fake tan was one of my bet ever looks tbh) but if I sometimes have a blue hue then so be it. It's not one of the things that I find myself fixating on (and there are many, don't get me wrong). At the moment, I am mostly obsessing about how bad my hair is.

I think that bloggers are mostly recognisable by their hair. It's an important aspect of a woman's identity. And at the moment mine is... meh. You may have noticed that I have stopped dying my hair pink or wearing it in my favourite pin curls. The reason is not a lack of care or imagination... it's because my hair has been falling out.

I hardly had a glorious full mane anyway but with ill health last year I started to notice more going down the plughole. More over my pillow. More shedding every time I touched it. I quit the bleach, tried out hair masks and cut out the heated tools but nothing seemed to help. I started to worry that it wasn't ever going to end. It continued for months. I have never felt that my hair was my crowning glory anyway, happy to lop it off numerous ways just to try something new, but suddenly it felt precious. And it was disappearing. I spoke to a number of women and I realised many have gone through the same thing. It's very common in pregnancy and autoimmune diseases, and there are stories (myths?) about dry shampoos causing it, too. All the chemicals and bleach and heat we use makes it snap off and I know many friends who've had to take the chop to save their locks. All I know is that I have fine hair as it is and I couldn't afford to lose any. I was panicking.

I know now that it was caused by malnourshment. It turns out vitamins are actually important for hair health (who knew?!) and my nails and skin were were suffering too. As I got my health on track, I began to see lots and lots of baby hairs coming in. My hairdresser confirmed it- the amount of new growth showed just how much I had lost but also that it was over. Hooray! I thought. Now I just had to wait it out. I was a little self-conscious of my silly flyaways, sticking up like I'd bumped into a Van de Graaf generator, but they were here. And they were growing. I've been letting it dry naturally, and using specialist Nioxin shampoo to encourage the regrowth (I have mixed feelings about that). The layer of new hairs has grown out enough to lie flat(ish) now but I'm not quite back to my usual self. Yet. Things can only get better, right? In the meantime, I have accepted that my hair needs this rest, and instead of over-styling my hair I've stuck to pinning fun looks on my Pinterest board. It's an important lesson in patience. And it really isn't all that bad.

Anyway, back to my outfit! When Helen challenged me to this Styled By challenge, I immediately knew that she would be dressed full on yellow, on yellow, on yellow. In truth, I had to really dig around to put even this largely monochrome look together, but I'm actually pretty pleased with the pops of colour against the stripes (I was probably inspired by bumble bees, okay?) It's just what I needed with this ongoing winter we are having (although the photos took 3 attempts to take, since each time it was a drizzly and dark outside). This layering is maybe not one for April but it's perfect for actual spring time, and I'm especially loving longer length hems over trousers at the moment. It's a 90s trend I can get on board with! Adding in a brightly coloured vest top and matching nails was an inspired moment and pulls the look together. I have to say, now that I'm aware that a few yellow items have slipped into my wardrobe, I think I'll be expanding my banana coloured collection...

Dress | New Look
Vest top | H&M
Bag | borrowed from my sister
Shoes | Topshop
Name ring | c/o Bonnie Bling
Earrings | You Make Me

Thanks to Ian Finlayson for taking my photographs.


  1. Love this look! Losing your hair is really scary - I lost chunks of mine through stress when I was with my horrible ex. x

  2. Yellow is my favourite colour, and my favourite colour to wear. I hope these bright splashes made you feel as happy in your own skin as you look in these photos!

    I really like the cute, pixie-ish thing you've got going on with your hair at the moment. I know it's not ideal when it's almost being forced upon you, but know that you still look fabulous while you're going through this time of quite literal re-growth <3

    Lis / last year's girl x