Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Blog Birthday: Five Years of Wardrobe Conversations!

A very merry blog birthday to us!! That's right - we have been blogging for an incredible five years together and to celebrate we thought we'd give the blog a well-deserved refresh. New colours, new themes and of course some fabulous new profile pics of us!

We've changed up our colour scheme to a much more 'us' combo of pink and red and Helen came up with a retro movie poster typeface with a subtle 3D edge. It feels fresh, a bit edgier and very Wardrobe Conversations. Our photos have been upgraded to match, with our annual blog birthday photo shoot, this time taken in front of  Joanna Craig's awesome street art created for Open Close Dundee.

We're not turning our back on all traditions though, as we've brought out our fave matching tropical Joy shirts for the occasion. It's a little known fact that we wore these in our very first blog profile photo shoot together, taken in Kim's back garden way back in 2013.

Each year, we take a new set of photos together (something that occurs much more rarely than we realise). In the past we have had a fun party shoot, a special Mint & Chillies portrait set, the creepy identity swap, a movie BFFs homage, and our infamous Roller Shakes photographs. We're sad to see that last lot go from our profile pics but we're in love with these bold new images. It's really motivating us to up the ante with MORE COLOUR on the blog!

Who knows what the next year has in store?

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