Thursday, 3 May 2018

Links We Love 02

Get yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit and let us take you on a tour of our internet highlights from April.

  • Punk. Icon. Activist - last week we took ourselves out for dinner and a movie and very much enjoyed fashion documentary Westwood: Punk. Icon. Activist. If you can get to the cinema to see it we'd recommend it (Viv's designs look great on the big screen) or you can pre-order it to watch at home in your most stylish pjs.
  • Get knitting - spring is the perfect time to get started on a knitting project to make sure you get it finished in time for the chiller months and V&A have some excellent vintage patterns available to download.
  • Pecha Kucha Dundee - 20 slides, 20 seconds each: that's the set up for a Pecha Kucha talk. There are events all over the globe but we like to attend Creative Dundee's ones since they're close to home. From Edinburgh buses to ladders, the subjects are all incredibly varied but always interesting. What's more, they record them all so you can watch (or re-watch) from the comfort of your own home.
  • Think pink - our lovely friend Amanda, aka Honey Pop Kisses, has started a new You Tube channel. Head on over an hit subscribe for fashion, cruelty-free beauty and more.
  • Our mate Stella - The Guardian interviewed Stella McCartey and even though there don't seem to be that many of her words in the article, it brings up some interesting questions and really makes us want to go to the Fashioned from Nature exhibition at V&A London. 
Image: Zabby Allen
  • For the Love of Lists - this charming post on Zabby Allen's blog looks at lists from childhood to adulthood., alongside some tips for pimping yours. We especially like the scrawled code. How cute!
  • Money Diaries - our latest guilty pleasure is reading Refinery29s Money Diaries, an anonymous peek into different women on a different salary each week. Some of them are outrageous! It makes us feel a little better about those treats we probably shouldn't be buying.
  • Worrying about privacy online - The Atlantic's pithy 'If You're Not Paranoid, You're Crazy' article about how the government is listening in to us, Big Brother-style, has become a reality and is making us want to set up our tinfoil hats.
  • Degree shows - we love hitting up all the art degree shows, and we've already got our tickets for the ECA Performance Costume Show, along with plans to pop round some others.
  • Dundee Fashion Week - Next Monday sees the start of Dundee's first Fashion Week and we're excited to be guest stylists at the Style Studio event. Come say hi!


  1. I'll come and visit you at the Style Studio on Thursday! x

  2. "Westwood" is my idol. I love her so much. Thank you sharing.
    Veronica - SchuhXL - grosse Schuhe

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