Thursday, 24 May 2018

May Wishlist

1.) Stem Earrings | Julia de Klerk
I've loved Julia De Klerk's designs for quite some time now. She had a red, black and white aesthetic that I very much appreciated and a lot of her designs involved hands, another motif I'm rather fond of. I noticed she'd been a bit quiet lately and then POW! - she's back with a brand new collection and a much wider colour range and it looks SO GOOD! These earrings are one of my faves but the new collection is bursting with wishlist worthy stuff.

2.) Ice Cream Appreciation Society Bag | Alphabet Bags
The sun has been shining a lot more recently so ice-cream is now at the forefront of my mind. When Kim and I were in Edinburgh we made a bee-line for Mary's Milk Bar and we're already planning  trip to Stonehaven so we can visit Aunty Betty's. All that ice-cream planning surely means I deserve a spot in the Ice Cream Appreciation Society, right?!

3.)  Yayoi Toesama Socks | Chatty Feet via Lucy and Yak
The lovely Emma Reid from craft blog Emuse tagged me in a photo of these socks on Instagram, pointing out that they made her think of me. They actually depict the awesome artist Yayoi Kusama, but the hairstyle and red lip are not dissimilar to my own. I'm also a big fan of polka dots so I'd just need to sew on some specs to complete the look-a-like-ness!

4.) Red & White Spotted Dress | Luna & Curious
Speaking of polka dots... I love this shirt dress! The red looks so bright and it looks like it would be super comfy to wear, plus it has pockets! It also comes in a navy & orange polka dot combo or a blue and white check design but of course the red is the one for me.

5.)  Poolside Rug | Aelfie
Not only is this rug super cute and totally practical, it's also made from recycled plastic bottles! What a genius use for waste! I love the colour combo and the abstract pattern and would be totally willing to re-design my interior so I could fit this in. Oh, and it's reversible too! It's the rug that just keeps on giving!

1.) Point Horror The Babysitter t shirt | Truffle Shuffle
This t shirt is totally against my style aesthetics but I'd be willing to make an exception to relive my pre-teen love of Point Horrors. Helen and I were essentially a PH fan club, swapping books until much later than we'd admit. The Babysitter is an absolute classic but I must admit I was more of an L.J.Smith fan.

2.) Froth Studs | Holly Mcafee
Alongside all my Pat Butcher door knockers, I've also been on the lookout for chic, minimal earrings to give my poor ear lobes a break. These beautiful frothy sea-inspired earrings fit the bill perfectly. They are so elegant. I wouldn't complain if someone bought me the stunning matching wave ring either. Swoon!

3.) Orange Chair Print | Hello Marine
After swooning over colourful Memphis-inspired art at last week's DJCAD degree show, I've found myself checking out bold, simplistic illustration. This is an excellent example from Hello Marine; the colour combo, the angles, the scale. I love it!

4.) Kimberley Scarf | Mimi Hammill
I just had to include the scarf that is literally named after me! I met Mimi a couple of years ago now and I've really enjoyed watching her scarf brand grow. She's got a real flair for pattern and colour combos. I was flattered when she advised me via social media that her previous collection was inspired by colourful bloggers, including me. So imagine my surprise when she then named this one after me!

5.) Single Claw Ring | Tessa Metcalfe
I have seen Tessa Metcalfe's pigeon jewellery around for some time but thought the large rings were a bit too out there for my style. I keep finding myself back on the website checking out this surprisingly dainty piece though. And how cute are the new signet rings too?

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