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Styled by Helen: Blog Birthday

Helen celebrates five years of Wardrobe Conversations with a fun colourful outfit
Showing some love for this fun Monki tshirtHelen of Wardrobe Conversations shares what she's learned from 5 years of blogging
Scottish blogger Helen from Wardrobe Conversations wears earrins by Mica Peet and Spex Pistol glasses

It's us, so of course our blog birthday celebrations are going to last at least a week! I hope you like our new look? After five years, it was definitely time for a refresh. Even though our old peach and mint still holds a special place in my heart, I love our new bright and bold colourway. I've made all the changes myself (and I'm no web expert) so please pop us an email if you notice anything weird happening!

Five years of blogging together has got us in a reflective mood. Kimberley's already shared what she's learned over that time, so now it's my turn. Let's go...

I've found a style that fits
I don't think my style has changed that much over the past five years but I do feel like it's become more honed. Having the blog has pushed me to be more adventurous with what I wear (I want to make it interesting after all), and that's helped me to become more comfortable wearing brighter colours and bolder patterns. These are the looks I love seeing on other people and the ones I would always be pinning to my style inspiration boards, and I can definitely say that the blog has helped me to add more of the over-the-top style that I love to my own wardrobe.

I'm more confident than I think I am
I only really noticed this recently when I started going to dance classes. In the class I'd be quite happy to stand at the front and would even volunteer to go first in demonstrations. Younger me would never have done that and, while age definitely has something to do with it, the blog has certainly helped me along the way. Being in front of the camera, going to events and organising collaborations have all helped to push me outside of my comfort zone and to realise that I CAN do these things.

There's always room for improvement
I laugh when I look back over old photos and outfits that, at the time, I was very happy with. Now the images look grainy, the clothes sloppy and the composition messy. But, that's all part of the process of growing, getting better and improving. No-one's perfect straight off the bat (even if it sometimes looks like everyone else is!). It's important to start somewhere, not worry about everything being absolutely perfect and to always look out for ways to improve along the way. That could be investing in a new camera (a total game changer for me), spending more time scouting fun locations (it's good to have a bank of ideas in mind) or listening to useful podcasts (the Blogtacular one is always filled with great advice).

Helen from fashion blog Wardrobe Conversations shares what she's learned from 5 years of blogging

I still need to work on the words
Writing posts is still one of the trickier parts of blogging for me. Coming up with content ideas, looking for locations, putting together outfits, taking photos, editing photos - these are all things I really enjoy, but then it comes to putting some words together and get stumped. I worry about not having anything interesting to say, I worry about spelling things wrong, I worry about not making any sense and I worry about my terrible grammar. But I do it, and the more I do it the less worried I become. So I'll just keep plugging away at it and hope you don't mind all my mistakes along the way.

No is not a bad word
We get quite a lot of opportunities for collaborations and invitations to events pop up in our emails. It's always great to be approached but many of them aren't very us or end up being too far away. In order for us to be happy with what we put out (and not kill ourselves by trying to rush across the country and fit in a million things while also working full time and having lives), 'no' is something we've had to get used to saying - in the most polite way possible, of course. It's still something I need to get better at but I'm learning to trust my gut more and make sure I check my diary before agreeing to anything!

Practice makes things a whole lot easier
As I mentioned earlier, the more I write the easier it becomes and that's been the same with a lot of aspects of blogging. At the start, taking outfit photos was something I'd only do in the privacy of Kim's back garden. Now I'm quite happy to pose in front of a busy road or in a shopping centre full of people. I may still feel apprehensive at first but once I get started there's no stopping me and my stupid poses.

Celebrating 5 years of bloging with a new look and a coulourful outfit

Starting a project with my bff was an excellent idea
I'm terrible at keeping in touch with people when I don't have a specific reason to. It's something I need to work on and I'm sure all my friends would agree! But having the blog as a project to share with Kim made sure we kept in touch regularly when we were living in different cities and now that we live a couple of streets away from each other it gives us a great excuse to get together regularly. I'm super grateful for that. It's also been great to have someone to share it with and keep pushing me to push myself.

FOMO can be a good thing
Kim talked about how there will always be another opportunity and that sometimes events can look better on social media than they actually are in real life. I completely agree with both those points but I do find that the 'fear of missing out' can sometimes push me to do more, be more social and get out and about. Even with a blogging partner, when it comes to putting together posts a lot of my time is spent alone in front of a computer. It's good to spend an evening at an event every now and again and it's a great way of meeting new people or keeping in touch with familiar faces.

I prefer this t-shirt tucked in
While we were shooting these pics I took some time to check over what we'd shot so far and decided that I wanted to try some photos with this tshirt tucked in. I'm so glad I did! Reviewing and adapting as I go along, as well as trying different things, are great ways to make sure I end up with an outcome I'm happy with. Having a blogging partner / photographer who notices details like this (and tells you when you have lipstick on your teeth) is also a great asset!

To tuck or not to tuck, how to wear a Monki thirt

See what I mean, tucked in is so much better! 

Final point - I need a new blog face
Seriously, in seven of these photos I'm pulling pretty much the same face! I look like I'm having a good time but I really need to mix it up. That's something I'll try to work on over the coming years!

Tshirt | Monki
Jeans | H&M
Boots | Topshop
Earrings | c/o Mica Peet
Glasses | Spex Pistols

Wardrobe Conversations celebrate 5 years of being a blogging duo

So that's five years down, will we make it to ten? Will we make it to six?! I certainly hope so! As long as we're having fun pulling stupid faces and wearing colourful clothes, we'll keep posting about it online!

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