Monday, 7 May 2018

Styled by Helen: Vintage Gems

The ups and downs of vinatge shoppingFinding the perfect vintage dress
Styling up a vintage dress on Broughty Ferry beach
Accessorising a vintage dress with Mica Peet earrings
Vintage style green and navy Aldo bag
Green and navy vintage dress

Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy vintage shopping. These are usually times when I haven't been for ages or I have been but not found anything I like. You see, there's a lot of things that can wrong with vintage shopping. There isn't the usual selection of sizes in each design, or colour options like you get on the high street. Think you've found something in the right size? Think again, sizing was a different ball game back in the 60s. Finally found something you like that fits? Hahaha, there's a huge stain down the middle. Find something you like, in your size and in mint condition? That will be a million pounds please! Ok, I'm exaggerating but you get the gist.

So, why do I do it to myself? Sometimes, just sometimes, I do find a perfect vintage gem on the rack - like this seaside dress. I loved the design, I liked the colours, it fit AND it was only £15. Winner! Ok, I really need to sew the front of the dress closed, because these cute shell buttons ain't so good at keeping the dress closed, so not quite perfect but with a little bit of effort it will be. Even without that effort it's rather good. I managed most of the day without it popping open too much and it received a number of compliments. Naturally I felt it deserved to be shot by the see for full on mermaid feels. Unfortunately the sun waited until we were almost done to make an appearance...

Styling up a vintage dress with Iolla suglasses, Mica Peet earings and an Aldo bag

Dress | Vintage
Boots | Primark
Bag | Aldo
Earrings | c/o Mica Peet
Belt | H&M
Glasses | c/o Spex Pistols
Sunglasses | c/o Iolla

I really do love adding vintage pieces to my wardrobe. I love that the items have history. I love that I'm giving something a new home. I love that I'm much less likely to turn up to an event wearing the same dress as someone else. And, when in the right mood, I love hunting through the rails, the thrill of finding something I like and the joy of taking it home.

Vintage Beach Style on Broughty Ferry beach

The downside to vintage shopping in Dundee is that the city doesn't have any vintage shops. It's a pretty big hurdle really! There was a time when there were at least four separate stores but sadly those days are no more. Sad face! Luckily the city does a pretty good line in vintage fairs and there are a number of great local vintage sellers around if you know where to look. Here's my round up of dates for your diary that are coming up in May:

And here's my go to list for local suppliers to feed my vintage needs in between events:

What vintage gems have you found recently?

Thanks to the lovely Kirsty Stevens for being my photographer on a rather windy beach!