Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Top 5: DJCAD Degree Show 2018

Top: Ruth Martin | Bottom: Chloe Cameron

It's degree show time again! Yay! One of our favourite times of year - we always enjoy checking out the work on show. First up this year for us was Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (DJCAD). We popped along to the opening night to enjoy the atmosphere and then headed back on Sunday to have a proper look around without the crowds... and then went back on Monday to catch the sections we missed. It's a big show with A LOT to look around. There's so much good stuff and, as always, it was tough to pick out just 5 favourites but here we go:

1.) Ruth Martin | Illustration

Being big fans of ceramics, Ruth Martin's work instantly appealed to us. We loved the mix of styles between her different projects, the first taking inspiration from Greek mythology and the second focusing on kitchen and homeware. From textiles to prints and vases to plates, she transferred her illustration style across a number of different objects in a cohesive and very visually pleasing way. We would pretty much love to have all of these wonderfully tactile objects in our homes!

2.) Liam Clarke | Jewellery and Metal Design

Liam Clarke's statement pieces show the creation of his drag persona Saturn, from beginning to end. Displayed alongside photographs of his transformation, these abstract pieces investigate the application of make-up and the fact that we all dress up and wear a costume to different levels. These large jewellery pieces resemble make-up compacts themselves and don't appear wearable at first, but looking at them in the photographs you can see how they work within Saturn's look. Plus we're totally into the use of glitter.

3.) Ishy Miller | Textile Design

There was a whole host of great textile work on show, from designs that reused old fabrics to designs coloured with natural dyes but we especially loved the DIY nature of Ishy Miller's work. She's all about encouraging people to embrace dressmaking and showing how easy it can be, using screen printing to create textiles that are ready to cut and sew into a wearable piece. While the garment shapes may be simple the patterns and colour combinations add fun and interest to the finished pieces, making them something we'd be more than happy wearing.

4.) Chloe Cameron | Fine Art

From rainbows to giant bags of sugar, Chloe Cameron looks at ordinary objects, playing with size and scale to create art that pops. We loved her colourful and bright space (see our second photo). It's fun to look at and walk around but, as we looked closer, we spotted the text within the work saying things like 'sunken dreams' and 'bad thins are happening'. Her paintings look at the mundanity of work and the cult of being busy while also trying to distract from these things with the bright colours and naive aesthetic. We really enjoyed that juxtaposition. Don't we all wish we could leave the stresses of adult life and recapture some childish wonder?!

5.) Johanna Tonner | Fine Art

Sculpture, photography and printmaking combine in Johanna Tonner's space to create a place where you want to spend some time. Large and small cushions invite you to get comfortable, while the joyous and chaotic patterns lift your spirits. The tree-like sculptures give the idea of a dreamlike landscape and it's definitely one we'd like to escape to.

There you have it - five awesome artists and creatives that we'll be keeping our eyes on (in a non-creepy way). What do you think of our picks? Looking at them all together, there seems to be a running theme of colourful, tactile pieces and we're totally ok with that. This is only the tiniest selection of the show though and we would thoroughly recommend having a look around if you can make it along. The show is on until Sun 27 May so you still have time. We'll pop some more of our highlights onto our Facebook page and in our Instagram stories. We would add them in here but that would make for one super long post.

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