Friday, 1 June 2018

What Kimberley Wore: ECA Performance Costume

I'm going to be slightly controversial and point out (as I frequently do) that I prefer performance costume shows to straight up fashion shows. Eschewing trends and attractive aesthetics, the works are often playful and always avant-garde. As someone who loves to dress up it makes far more sense to follow the drama! I think this is my 4th or 5th ECA show and I have to say I was really impressed with the production and all the dancers/models involved this year. They really brought the designs to life. It was difficult to photograph it, as it was held in the tiny fire station building while construction is being done on the usual hall, but it was actually quite nice to just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

One of my favourite things about attending the show again this year was reading the programme, which gave an update on the 2017 ECA Performance Costume graduates. I was delighted to see so many of our top picks going on to fresh careers in the theatre and fashion industry. Well done everyone!

So, more importantly, my outfit. I picked up this incredible tropical shirt in Monki when I had a wee staycation in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago. My summer wardrobe is really coming together into a pink and green leafy capsule. I was even going to wear my fave pink trousers but they've been making too many appearances on the blog on the short time I've had them.

Can I also point out how difficult it is to pose in jeans that don't have front pockets? Who came up with such a horrible idea? Even some fake pocket stitching would be preferable, although obviously what women want are actual pockets. I'm sure this will be no news to you, but if it is then the brilliant Rachel Charlton-Dailey explains it far better than I could in her Nopebook article Pockets are a Tool of the Patriarchy. Until now, I hadn't realised that jeans are better with the lines interrupted, or at least on my body they are. These ones show the lumps and bumps of my tucked in shirt and vest top. And also my little pot belly that seems to pop up whenever I eat. I'm still figuring out if it's due to my coeliac disease or other food intolerances. It's hard trying to dress to accommodate an extra couple of inches after lunch. Although tight trousers make my belly hurt I'm trying to just accept and embrace it by wearing my usual clothes anyway, like in this post when the food baby was making a big show. Am I totally weird or do other people manage to hide their bloat?

Shirt | Monki
Jeans | New Look
Shoes | Zara
Sunglasses | c/o IOLLA
Earrings | Mica Peet
Ring | Oliver Bonas

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