Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Top 5: Horror Films to Watch on Halloween

Halloween is one of my absolute favourite times of year and I really enjoy going all out on the blog with outfits /costume inspiration based on our Unlikely Horror Icons. Last year we had two badass witches (The Craft and The Love Witch) as well as a couple of looks inspired by Stephen King (IT & Misery). This year, house moves, trips away, carving pumpkins and binging The House on Haunted Hill have eaten up mine and Kim's time so there hasn't been the chance to play dress up. Boo! 

Instead of sharing creepy costumes,I thought I'd share my top 5 horror films I've watched (or am looking forward to watching) for Halloween 2018. 

1.) Trick r Treat
This go-to Halloween film mixes several short stories together that crisscross and get tangled together. There are ghost children, werewolves, poisoned candy and a creepy little pumpkin guy called Sam - what more could you want?! It's one I come back to every year and I love introducing new folk to it. Even some of my scaredy-cat friends have enjoyed it. 

2.) Halloween H20
With the new Halloween film in cinemas at the moment it feels like a good time to revisit some other titles in the franchise. I've never been a huge fan of the Halloween films (Michael Myers just seems like a really dull bad guy) but the score is one of the best in horror movie history and you can't beat a bit of Jamie Lee Curtis. For me, Halloween H20 holds a special place in my heart. It hit pretty much at the right time and it had the Josh Hartnett factor. Plus it's on Amazon Prime right now. You're welcome.

3.) Hocus Pocus
This is one I came to pretty late in life but which has now become a firm favourite every Halloween. It's family friendly fun but still has some creepy moments. Plus it has a talking cat, a sassy Thora Birch and Bette Midler hamming it up. I went to see it at the cinema just the other day and it looked glorious on the big screen.

4.) Suspiria
I'm rather excited to see the Suspiria remake next month, mostly because it stars the always wonderful Tilda Swinton. I've seen the original but it was very late at night and quite a few years ago so I'm definitely looking to revisit before seeing the new version. All I can remember is sumptuous set design so that in itself makes me want to watch it again.

5.) Beetlejuice
Celebrating it's 30th anniversary, this creepy and hilarious Tim Burton classic is full of Halloween costume inspiration. Who doesn't want to dress up as Lydia Deetz?! I've done it before (with Kim doing a great Beetlejuice) but there are so many other looks of hers to try. If you spot a wide brimmed black hat, I want to know. Again, I just watched this at the cinema for the first time. I've watched it many times at home but seeing it on the big screen and with an audience made it even more special.

For the past few years during October I've done #31daysofhorror, which involves watching a horror film every day of the month. This year (due to the aforementioned busyness) I haven't had a chance to watch that many but I'm pretty happy with this small list that I'm currently working through. What will you be watching this Halloween?

Monday, 29 October 2018

October Wishlist

Spooky Halloween Wishlist featurin Joanie Clothing, The Sad Ghost Club, SoS15, Old English Compandy and Annie's Fingers
1.) Loretta Embroidered Bee Dress | Joanie Clothing
I love the easy witchy vibe of this adorable dress by Joanie, featuring an embroidered collar. The cutest!

2.) Halloween Print | Sad Ghost Club
I've been a fan of Sad Ghost Club for some time- a fantastic art project that promotes mental health positivity through ghost illustrations. How adorable is this limited edition print?

3.) Kitty Cat Clutch Bag | SOS15
It's rare that I share a cat accessory but this glittery bag is too cute even for me.

4.) Bad to the Bone pin | Old English Company
For a little not to horror, an enamel pin is a great choice. I also like the adorable pumpkin pin and waving ghost.

5.) Anatomical heart iron on patch | Annie's Fingers
The illustrative style of Spanish artist Annie's Fingers really lends it self well to things creepy and fun. This is a Halloween treat you can enjoy all year round!

Spooky and stylish Halloween wishlist featuring a concrete skull planter by Studio Emma, Stay Spooky silver necklace by Oh Someday x I Like Cats, Th Shinin print coat from Pinup Girl Clothing, Momento Mori skull earrings by Misfit Makes and Overlook Hotel bag charm by Sugar & Vice

1.) Colourful Concrete Skull | Studio Emma
I featured one of Emma's concrete designs on my December 2017 Wishlist but then she went and made  them even better by creating a spooky version for Halloween!! Colourful and creepy is my perfect combo.

2.) Stay Spooky Tombstone Necklace | Oh Someday x I Like Cats
I like to stay spooky all year round and this silver necklace would help me do just that.

3.) Pinup Couture Car Coat | Pinup Girl Clothing
I already have a pair of socks with this wonderful The Shining pattern on so the next step is surely this amazing car coat! Then after that it's time to carpet my flat in it, right?!

4.) Memento Mori Earrings | Misfit Makes
These statement laser cut earrings are printed with these amazing original illustrations and they are awesome.

5.) Horror Hotel Bag Charm | Sugar & Vice
More Wishlist items based on The Shining! Can you tell it's almost Halloween? Sugar & Vice always have the best creepy collections and this year's is no exception.