Thursday, 29 November 2018

November Wishlist

1.) Be kind embroidered t shirt | Alphabet Bags
I think the simple act of being kind is the best there is. Combine it with rainbow colours and I'd happily wear this reminder every day of the week.

2.) Peeled Glam Banana Candle Holder | Luxeology
I'm adding the finishing touches to my new(ish) livingroom and I want to keep it very grown up and chic but I also love a silly accessory. This is the ideal crossover of style and personality. Fab!

3.) Happiness Grows Here planter | Imperfect Store
My plant family has expanded to about 15 plants now and I'm really enjoying all of them but they are outgrowing their pots! I really like the 'I will survive' pot but I think it'd be unfair to my green fingers, so instead I'm gong for this cute happy message.

4.) That's hilarious tote bag | Fuchsia Macaree
My Resting Bitch Face is well documented on the blog but this fun take on the topic is one I want to carry around with me. I'm also in love with Fuchsia's 'crisps for dinner' print.

5.) Choose Your Own Adventure Hat | K Moods
I missed out on the fantastic Boobzapalooza, a fantastic event in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it made me even more keen to own some K Moods knitwear (because she is fab!). I'd love to 'choose my own adventure' hat in a Mr Blobby-esque pink with yellow spots.

1.) Meal Planner Pad | Nikki McWilliams
I just recently moved flat and one of the things I promised myself was that I'd cook more in my new place. That hasn't happened (despite Kim buying me a cookbook as a house warming gift) but maybe this super cute meal planner could help. There's even a choice between a desk-pad and a magnetic fridge pad.-both could be very handy!

2.) Face Necklace | Lima Lima
Jewellery-wise, I've been buying a lot of earrings recently (there are so many nice ones out there, including these ones also by Lima Lima) so maybe it's time to up my necklace game. I've found myself really attracted to this little brass face. It's small, simple and delicate - not my usually jewellery style but I love it.

3.) Over-thinking it Sweat | Nicola Rowlands
Nicola Rowlands was one of our Top 5 Greetings Card Designers but she also creates a whole bunch of other great stuff and this jumper is one of them. I'm consistently over-thinking everything so this is pretty perfect for me, plus it would keep me nice and cosy through the cold winter months.

4.) Big Park Risograph Print | Ruth Mae
I already have one of Ruth's prints up in my kitchen but I think I need more and I particularly love the shapes and colours in this one. Finding it via Ruth's Instagram has also introduced me to DEPTSTO.RE, which is jam-packed with more awesome stuff for future wishlists.

5.) Monki Slippers | Monki
The start of winter has got me wanting to spend the next few months hibernating at home. A good cosy pair of slippers is key for that and these Monki ones are perfect. I've been after a good backless pair for a while and these ones have eyes one!

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