Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Top 5: Independent Designers for Greetings Cards

It's Just a Card - Indie Week and our Instagram feed has been filled with amazing designers and makers shouting about the awesome stuff they create. The Just a Card campaign is all about encouraging people to buy from artists, designers and indie businesses, even if it's 'just a card'. Indie Week is a campaign that puts the focus on shopping from independents this Christmas. All stuff we can get fully on board with!

To get you started we thought we'd jump in and pick out some of our favourite designers who make particularly good greetings cards...

Just A Card Top 5 Greetings Card Designers

1.) Mean Mail
Wonderfully honest cards in an array of pastel prettiness. Each one makes us laugh even more than the last.

2.) Fernandes Makes
Illustrated movie references, TV references, pop music references, meme references and Goldblum goodness - count us in!

3.) Claire Barclay Draws
Colourful, fun and cheeky Scottish humour.

4.) Faye Moorhouse
Weird, weirder and weirdest: we love these super quirky, super strange designs.

5.) Nicola Rowlands
Positive messages for any occasion, be they super specific or some general words of encouragement.

Keeping in touch via social media can be great but there's just something extra special about receiving a card through the post, don't you think? We often spend a lot of time trying to pick out the perfect design for each occasion so hopefully having these folk on your radar will help next time you need to send a special greeting.

We fully recommend checking out #justacard on social media. It's full of amazing makers and will pretty much sort out your Christmas shopping. Oh- and make you add a whole lot of pretty stuff to your own wishlist!


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