Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Vintage Afternoon Tea and Fashion Show

Specifically Vintage market event, The Quay Dundee, charity event Dundee, Vintage afternoon tea and fashion show,
Specifically Vintage market event, The Quay Dundee, charity event Dundee, Vintage afternoon tea and fashion show, 1920s ro 1950 fashions, vintage fashion models
Specifically Vintage market event, The Quay Dundee, charity event Dundee, Vintage afternoon tea and fashion show, vintage accessories stall at vintage market
Specifically Vintage market event, The Quay Dundee, charity event Dundee, Vintage afternoon tea and fashion show, vintage hat with feathers and cage veil
Two hundred of the most fabulous ladies of Dundee recently got together to enjoy a day of vintage clothing and entertainment in the name of charity, and we got to snoop behind the scenes!
A few months ago we were contacted by the Specifically Vintage organizers to attend their Vintage Afternoon Tea and Fashion Show held in The Quay, Dundee. Although Helen was busy with a family gathering, I headed along to model in the vintage fashion show and find out what else was going on. It was a packed event, selling out well in advance!

The event was set up to raise funds for Roxburghe House and Rachel House, and vintage collectors brought along their pieces. Everything was for sale- even the clothes on the models backs, alongside a raffle and silent auction of other goodies. I was walking in two fashion shows, so I only caught a glimpse once the party had started but the constant laughter and cheers tells me the ladies-only party was great fun. I did catch a bit of vocalist Miss Stephanie Mason.  Her pink polkadot dress was amazing! Vocal harmony group The Vintage Girls also sang beautifully together for the dancing crowd. I accidentally happened upon them rehearsing in the changing rooms beforehand, which was a pretty awesome private show while I was trying on last minute options.

The day centered around the two-part fashion show. The first featured 1920's to 1950's clothing and the second was 1960's to 1980's. I walked in both shows, wearing 30's and 80's. I enjoyed the fitting a couple of months ago, where I got to play dress up in the Nicely Eclectic studio with Pat, and April from April's Emporium. They already had a beautiful 1930's pink dressing gown in mind for me, with a floral nightdress underneath. It had lovely quilted trim, and I felt pretty dreamy in it. It must have been good because I heard it was sold before I even took it off!
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Specifically Vintage market event, The Quay Dundee, charity event Dundee, Vintage afternoon tea and fashion show, 1930s fashion model, vintage gold digger dressing gown and nightdress, wardrobe conversations, scottish vintage fashion blogger, Dundee pin up
My second look was very 1980's. The other models had already been fitted in the puffy ball gowns on offer, so I was given a more casual look that reminded me of a few wedding guest outfits my own mum wore back in the day. I was pretty sure I could pull it off... A heavily patterned dress with both shoulder pads and a peplum, along with fuchsia accessories, made for a very Pretty Woman look. To complement the Specifically Vintage clothes, we all had our hair and makeup done by The Beehive. I was especially impressed by the flawless finish of the makeup. Having a bit of a cold and throat infection in the lead up had left me feeling pretty un-glamorous, so this was the injection of sparkle I needed! It's amazing what some fake eyelashes can do.

The 80s hair and makeup, on the other hand, was as mad as the actual era. I laughed quite hard when I first saw it but I guess it is fierce..? All the models looked amazing too, and I was particularly impressed by the poise of the younger girls. They looked so elegant and were total pro's. I'd missed the rehearsals, due to work commitments, and I hadn't quite realised that we'd be walking (and dancing) solo around the whole room (and it was a big room), with a turn in the dance floor. That's a lot of tripping to avoid, especially with a floor littered in balloons. The energy of the room made the whole walk easy though, even if my dressing gown did flap wide open for half of it. Typical Kim!

Specifically Vintage market event, The Quay Dundee, charity event Dundee, Vintage afternoon tea and fashion show, 1980s fashion model, mannequin film costume, over the top 80s makeup, beehive salon dundee makeup
Specifically Vintage market event, The Quay Dundee, charity event Dundee, Vintage afternoon tea and fashion show, 1980s fashion model, mannequin film costume, over the top 80s makeup, 1980s halloween costume, beehive salon dundee makeup
I was on my own for the day, so had to grab just a few quick snaps in between changes. There were a few photographers on hand to snap all the guests in their outfits. Everyone had gone to such great effort with their looks, it was hard to tell who were guests and who were performers. Below is a small selection of my catwalk looks captured by Derek Gerrard but you can find the full album here.
vintage model, Scottish pin up 2016, Derek Gerrard, UK vintage fashion style blogger, wardrobe conversations blog, Kimberley, vintage fashion show catwalk looks
Photographs by Derek Gerrard
The total raised for the charities is still being totalled but looks like a really healthy amount. You can find out about upcoming vintage events on the Specifically Vintage facebook page. Thanks again for inviting us along!
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Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas Wishlist

1.) WC X Esther Loves You Bunny Slippers | Lazy Oaf
I'm loving everything Lazy Oaf at the moment (those Disney drops though?!) but I have totally fallen for these cute fluffy bunny slippers. There are a number of rabbit slippers about (and I have a soft spot for the sexy high heeled Streetzies) but these top them all in the adorable stakes. It's like loafing around as a cartoon character with these on your toots.

2.) Geometric Earrings | Micapeet
Anything bold and geometric tick the gift boxes for this girl. Micapeet have been on my radar (aka Etsy wishlist) for a while, with their grid dot earrings but I like these galaxy prints too. And they are quite affordable!

3.) Dimensions Oversized T Shirt Dress | Dreamland Clothing
Dreamland Clothing gets my love of print perfectly. I already own the pink Duplex dress but it's too big for me now. I'd love to replace it with this wild but wearable white and pink version, or the wilder lilac one.

4.) Patti and Selma Fur Clutch | Skinnydip London x Simpsons
I'm not normally one for TV character collabs but there's something about this that really grabs me. Firstly, the pink faux fur, which is enough to make me want it anyway. And secondly because Selma and Patti are so unapologetically smutty. Who doesn't relate? I'd also love the Moe Tassle Clutch Bag for the same reason. Or 90% of Skinnydip stuff- you can't really go wrong.

5.) Temerity Jones Disco Ball Cup | ASOS
Rounding off my wishlist with a disco ball cup. Obviously. I feel a bit basic wanting one, because they're everywhere. But I'm fond of tacky things and I always drink from adult 'sippy' cups because I'm a klutz. Tis the season to sparkle, so why not?

1.) Shorty Top | Rowanjoy via Godiva
Rowan Joy sure knows how to pick a pattern. I absolutely love the bold print of this top, it's just so bright! The cropped shape may not be the most practical for this time of year but the print would certainly help me beat away any winter blues.

2.) Brushstroke Pendant | Tatty Devine
I recently visited Tate Modern for the first time and, after looking at the art, I had a good snoop around the gift shop. Tatty Devine's range of exclusive artistic designs was one of my highlights, especially this neon orange necklace.

3.) Oui / Non Earrings | Not the Kind
Even if I don't wear dangly earrings very often, I can't help but love these Jennifer Loiselle ones. In fact a similar pair have featured in my wishlist way back in March 2015. I can't quite decide which I prefer, these french pair or the Just Dance ones! They're both so fun and colourful.

4.) Tiny Cat Ring | Datter Industries
I very much like cats and I very much like Datter Industries jewellery. That pretty much makes this ring the perfect combination. Though, really any piece from this jewellery range would make me a happy lady.

5.) Classy Lady Zip Bag | Limpet
Clutch bags always draw my attention. They only ever make it out of my wardrobe on special occasions but I love my little collection and thing this one would be a great addition. Just look at that little face... and feet?

Friday, 2 December 2016

November Round Up

Watching: my favourite thing this month was Arrival. Sci-fi and linguistics? Double whammy of delight for the inner nerd in me. I like the way the experiences of the scientists were presented, as they were quite human and realistic rather than heroic. I also watched the sci-fi horror Under the Skin with Scarlett Johansson. It's set in Scotland, with the main character (an alien) picking up lone men in her van. The hidden camera style used for the van interior and curb crawling scenes made it feel quite claustrophobic and unpredictable. It was a lot of style over substance, but it was enjoyable. I'm more interested in reading the novel version, which is supposed to be quite different.

Doing: my flatmate is american and we hosted a Thanksgiving dinner together! She's been missing home lately, so we invited 6 friends to squeeze round our dining table and feast on her Latin American favourites. We had turkey and a veggie nut roast alongside green bean casserole, American stuffing, some weird potato thing, an amazing spinach and artichoke dip and 70s devilled eggs. Her mum sent over adorable decorations and we got our Pinterest on with some turkey leg shaped paper table settings, spiced oranges and a hot cranberry cider. It was quite the meal. We started cooking at 9am and watched the New York parade (and some Crufts-style dog show that's apparently popular?) while we prepped veg. It was a really relaxed and fun day. The dinner went down pretty well too!
I also spent a lovely weekend with my family for my mum's surprise birthday celebrations. My siblings and I haven't all been home together since last Christmas so it was really nice, and many old family friends popped along. After a problem with the photographer, I was tasked with the family portraits. We got something usable of my six toddler-aged nieces and nephews in the end but I do not envy child photographers!

Clicking: knitting patterns. Every year when the dark nights approach, I suddenly get a craving to knit. I'm a decent knitter (I almost started my own knitwear brand in fact) but I'm so unfocused that any project I start in winter is never finished before the nights start to lighten again. I discovered that Hilary Grant has written a knitting book with patterns. I adore her knitwear and the patterns in the book are based on her designs. It may have landed in my shopping basket already...

Buying: I actually didn't do any shopping this month, because I spent most of it in bed ill! I had no energy for trying on clothes. As I mentioned, there are a number of babies in my family, with three nieces and nephews born just this year so I've had to get my Christmas shopping started early with all my gifts for them. The older ones are fine, because I can buy toys and games that Auntie Kim wants to play with on Christmas Day, but the babies are quite difficult because they're always being spoilt. And their toys are boring. Hmmm. Send me ideas, people!


Watching: I had a bit of any Amy Adams double bill this month, seeing both Nocturnal Animals and Arrival in the same week. Both were really good but in very different ways. Nocturnal Animals was super stylish, slightly cold and a tad disturbing. It also had Jake Gyllenhaal in it, which is always a big plus in my book. Arrival was a subtle sci-fi that I really enjoyed, even if it was sadder than I was expecting. The visuals were great and I liked they way it portrayed the worlds reaction to the visitors.

Doing: It's been another busy month, including plenty of fun festive activities. I enjoyed some mulled wine and fireworks at Dundee's Winter Light Night and had a fun afternoon making an advent calendar at DCA.
I also took a trip down to Nottingham for my cousin's birthday party. While I was there I visited Nottingham Contemporary and really enjoyed Marguerite Humeau's surreal and moving exhibition. Plus I visited the Robin Hood statue, had a mulled cider in the oldest inn in England and took a look around the Winter Wonderland market. A busy but really enjoyable day!

Buying: While shopping for a birthday present for my nephew I spotted this fab little face pin. I recognised it straight away as being the work of Glasgow School of Art graduate Freya Adler. I saw her jewellery designs at the degree show earlier this year and loved them, so I jumped at the chance to purchase a piece. I opted for this little brass pin but I still have my eye on her bigger brooches and necklaces too.

Clicking: I've been getting in a festive mood by watching Christmas adverts online. I don't watch live TV so miss out on the ad breaks. This is usually a good thing but seasonal ads have become a bit more interesting so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I did enjoy the new M&S one but my favourite has to be the H&M ad. I mean, how could it not be when it's directed by Wes Anderson. I've also been doing some research into Christmas films to watch come December. In the same vein as my October horror movie challenge I'm going to try and watch a Christmas film every day in December, or at least up to the 25th. I want to make sure my list is full of good ones so I'm trying my best to plan my viewing.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Blog Crushes 27

Kimberley is crushin' on... Tetris and Cheesecakes

How on earth has this babe slipped the net? Lucie is another Edinburgh blogger that I've known for a while and somehow not included here. She's clever, self-depracating and plain hilarious.
Lucie's a lifestyle blogger rather than a fashion blogger, writing much more varied and in-depth content than clothes (I love me a Lucie rant) but, having known her for a while IRL, her outfits are right up my street. Lucie has a million incredible pieces squirreled away (two words- Isolated Heroes) and I want to raid her shoe collection.  Her penchant for a patterned legging, rainbow hair and all things from her native Canada make her style unique, fun and vibrant. I'll even forgive the onesies because she somehow makes it work. She's not just a creative fashion hoarder though- get into her blog for the big topics.

You can spot Lucie's selfies and vegan snacks on Instagram, or get chatting to her on Twitter. Just keep your eyes off her beautiful dog, Rhod- he's mine.

Helen is crushin' on... The Devil Wears Tartan

Like Kimberley I've gone for a blogger I've met IRL as this months crush. Granted I've only met the lovely Lauren once (at Kim's birthday celebrations in fact) but she was super nice and easy to get along with. Plus I feel like I know her a lot more from reading her blog. That may sound rather creepy but Lauren writes in a really personal way about a variety of different topics; from politics to film and sex to vintage shopping. I admire how open she is about her own life experiences and feelings, something that always terrifies me. It's amazing how she can move from posting about big topics, like feminism and consent, to writing about pizza in a way that seems natural, like having a conversation with a friend. Her style is right up my street too - relaxed and eclectic with plenty of awesome vintage finds.

Plus she's one of my favourite folk to follow on Twitter and her Instagram's rather great too.

We are also lovin'

Monday, 28 November 2016

DIY Christmas: Advent Calendar

Christmas, Christmas crafting, Christmas DIY, advent calendar, craft, advent
Christmas, Christmas crafting, Christmas DIY, advent calendar, craft, advent
Christmas, Christmas crafting, Christmas DIY, advent calendar, craft, advent

Can you believe it's December on Thursday?! I can't! November has just disappeared in a flash and I'm not feeling terribly organised for the upcoming festivities. No presents have been purchased and I haven't even made a list of gift ideas yet! Luckily our Dundee and Edinburgh festive guides are giving me hope and a bit of a shopping plan.

One thing that's become a festive tradition is that my sister (Heather Mac) and I exchange advent calendars. I try to hand make one for her each year and usually I'm desperately putting it together before the 1st roles around. This year it's the one thing I have organised, all thanks to an advent calendar class making at DCA. I'm keeping this year's design under wraps because I don't want to ruin the surprise, but I thought I'd do a quick DIY of last years effort. It was a speedy and easy one but it did look pretty effective, even if I do say so myself.

Christmas, Christmas crafting, Christmas DIY, advent calendar, craft, advent

What you'll need:
- Paper bags
- Pegs
- String
- Chocolate
- Decorations

1.) Fill your bags with treats.
I like to go for a mix of chocolate, sweets and mini decorations as advent treats. Tiny toiletries and makeup could also work, hello DIY beauty calendar. Fill up 24 or 25 depending on your preference for having an extra Christmas day treat or not (or base it on how many pegs you have).

Christmas, Christmas crafting, Christmas DIY, advent calendar, craft, advent

2.) Get your pegs in order.
You can buy ready made advent pegs like I did or make your own. These little ones are from Tiger and they have a number of other great designs in store right now (I checked). If you want to get a bit more adventurous with your DIY you can buy tiny pegs and make your own numbers using felt, paper or draw them directly on the wood.

3.) String it up.
Get your string / ribbon at the ready and attach it somewhere prominent. What's nice about this advent calendar is it also makes some rather nice festive bunting. Peg your bags to the string in any order you fancy. Go for straight through 1 - 24  or mix it up to make it a bit challenging for the recipient.

Christmas, Christmas crafting, Christmas DIY, advent calendar, craft, advent

And there you have it! Told you it was easy peasy. I always enjoy making Heather Mac's advent calendar. It's fun doing some festive crafting and it's nice to make something pretty for someone. Do let me know if you give it a try or if you have any other advent calendar ideas that I can use for the future. It would probably do me good to start thinking about it now!