Monday, 30 May 2016

May Round Up

Round Up, best bits, May 2016, Dundee, dundee blogger, May favourites, iZombie, Dreamland clothing, Dimensions collection launch, Shona Heaney, pop up teen market, dundee print, neon print, illustarted dundee print, artwork, home decor, glasses, Spex Pistols, glasses shop, vintage glasses, William Morris glasses, Ray-ban glasses, spectaclesWatching: After going to the cinema 5 times back in April, I haven't been at all this month. With so many other events going on in Dundee it's been hard to find the time! I have managed to fit in a bit of Netflix binging though, usually while editing photos for this here blog. My programme of choice this month has been iZombie. As much as I love all things zombie I was slightly put off by the ridiculous premise. Girl becomes zombie, girl uses zombie powers to fight crime. But I decided to give it a go. Turns out it's rather good! Strong female lead - check, humour - check, over the top bad guys - check. It pretty much ticks all the boxes for me.

Doing: May has been a super busy month for events in Dundee. From pop up markets, vintage fairs, Tea Green, the DJCAD degree show, Pecha Kucha, Scottish Jewellery Week, Dundee Design Festival, Ignite and Festival of Museums, it's been all go. One event I'd been looking forward to since the start of the month was Dreamland's new collection launch. Designer, Ruby Coyne's colourful items have appeared here a number of times so I was very excited to see what she had up her sleeve for her newest collection. Dimensions is a small but perfectly formed mix of tshirts and sweatshirts. It has the perfect unisex vibe with loose silhouettes and jazzy 80's style prints. For me it's another fun and colourful success.

Buying: With all the pop ups that have been going on I'm amazed I haven't bought more this month. Probably because I've been doing quite a bit of eating out which has eaten into my funds. I did treat myself to an illustrated print at the pop up teen market. It's bright and features the rooftops of Dundee. It's by young designer Shona Heaney. I really liked her drawing style and all the geek references in her work.

Clicking: Kimberley and I have been getting our DIY on for Cut Out and Keep and my post went live on Saturday. There's a Q&A with me, a colourful outfit and a how to guide for making my necklace. It's pom pom-tastic. Kimberley's will be coming up next week. In the meantime I've been exploring the site and bookmarking some projects to try.
Also online this month, Spex Pistols (my glasses heaven) launched their shiny new website. I would always highly recommend that you head to their super stylish store in Dundee for cool decor and top notch customer service, but I know that may not be possible for everyone. Now you can shop their awesome selection from your home using their slick new site. There's a great range of prices and styles, from fabulous vintage frames to brands like Ray-Ban and William Morris. Browsing could get seriously dangerous for your bank balance. I've run out of fingers to count my favourites on.

Round Up, best bits, May 2016, Dundee, dundee blogger, May favourites, Grayson Perry: All Man, tv reccomendation, Solerno, Italy, shopping, shopping ban, degree show, art school
Watching: I've been watching Grayson Perry: All Man. The series follows the artist's exploration of masculinity in British society, where he visits men who have 'ultra-male' roles through work or sports, and finds out what makes them tick (spoiler: they have feelings and emotions). He is a really great presenter of it, offering a lot of insight into his own world, and I'm enjoying it so far.

Doing: It's been a busy month of non-blogging activities. Obviously I squeezed in the Flamingosaurus Rex shoot and the Dundee visit for Festival of Museums and Tea Green Pop-up, but I also jetted off to Salerno, Italy, for a work trip and squeezed in a few hours of sunshine and gelato. You can follow my journey on my Instagram account. I also got some TLC in the form of 80s jumper- inspired nails at Cutie-Kills (more on that soon) and I have been eating out a lot with new friends. I tried out Grams gluten-free, dairy- free cakes and Candy Bar's menu.

Buying: In writing this I have suddenly realised that I have not bought anything this month! Go me, accidentally overcoming my shopping addiction for one single month. I guess because I've been too busy organising my Italy trip, buying practical items like a suitcase and suncream, and digging out my ol' holiday/ summer wardrobe to wear there, I haven't even thought about it. Fun post surprises like the arrival of The WhitePepper order from last month and my Oh No Rachio! Good Vibes pin have meant I haven't missed out.  My birthday is coming up this month so I've also been trying on things to add to my list of treats for me.

Clicking: Allll the art graduates! I love keeping up with the latest output of designers that Scotland has to offer. While I popped along to ECA and Helen hit up DJCAD, I've also been checking out the others online. GSA always have a good fashion show and Gray's School of Art will hold their degree show in June. Looking up the hashtags on instagram can also open up a load of new inspiration to follow.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Hill Street Workshop Wishlist

Hill Street Design House, Edinburgh design house, Edinburgh bloggers, workshops, creative classes, creative workshops, weaving workshop, resin jewellery workshop, acrylic jewellery workshop, silk marbeling workshop, biscuit clutch workshop

What do all of these awesome items have in common? Apart from being beautiful and super high on our wishlists, that is. The answer is that all of their designers are going to be holding workshops over the coming weeks. That's right, you can learn how to make these items (or similar) as part of Hill Street Design House's programme of summer workshops.

1.) Woven Wall Hanging | Squid Ink Co
2.) Mini Cheese Plant Necklace | Bonnie Bling
3.) Pastel Marble Set | Mishke Lingerie
4.) Cove Necklace | Jo Pudelko
5.)  Custard Cream Pouch | Nikki McWilliams
Hill Street is an awesome design hub based unsurprising, in Hill Street, Edinburgh. Not only does it house some of our favourite designers (looking at you Rowan Joy and Karen Mabon), we've also had a number of amazing times within their walls. The opening party was a hoot, their Halloween celebrations were wonderfully horrific and Scarf School was just immense! This summer, Hill Street are back with a host of wonderful new workshops. As you can see above, they have some amazing designers on board. Seriously, every single one is a dream class come true.

Starting on the 4th of June, they are kicking things off in style with the chance to create an exclusive Bonnie Bling necklace. The theme is house party and the finished piece includes a whole host of fun charms. There's cocktails and heels from the night before and hangover remedies in the form of eggs and Irn Bru. Plus, if you finish your first creation, there's the option to crate another extra special scroll slogan necklace. That's two Bonnie Bling acrylic wonders made with your own fair hands. Sound like a winner in our book.

Hill Street Design House, Bonnie Bling, acrylic jewellery, house party necklace, acrylic jewellery workshop, Hootenanny Hangover necklace, scroll slogan necklace

The 12th June sees Mischke Lingerie return with a silk marbling workshop. Experiment with colours and patterns to create a pile of samples. And, what makes this class even better is that Mischke designer Hazel Lethaby will take your final length and create a special marbled piece for your underwear drawer. We've got our names down for this one so we might just see you there.

Over the weekend of 18/19th June there will be a full-on resin casting class with jewellery Jo Pudelko. Mixing beads, resin and metal Jo's designs are spectacular and this class allows you to create your own unique piece of jewellery.

On the 3rd of July there's weaving with Squid Ink Co as they return for another of their popular workshops. They always bring the most colourful of yarn and will teach you how to create you're own wall hanging. You can choose the 'all in' ticket which means you get to take away your own loom to keep or 'instruction' which is perfect for those who have attended before. 

The final workshop of the block is on 16th July and comes in the form of fabric printing and clutch making with Nikki McWilliams. We love Nikki's new biscuit themed pouches. They're perfect for carrying all the essential bits and bobs and look damn cute too. The class includes printing a biscuity inspired design and sewing up you're own clutch bag. 

I'm sure you'll agree it's a rather impressive list of classes!  And the Bonnie Bling, Mischke Lingerie and Squid Ink Co classes have both morning and afternoon options, so its easy to find a workshop to suit your schedule. 


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Top Five: DJCAD Degree Show Picks

Top Five, best bits, degree show picks, dundee, Dundee blogger, Scottish blogger, Scottish art school, illustration, Alice CarnegieTop Five, best bits, degree show picks, dundee, Dundee blogger, Scottish blogger, Scottish art school, Fine Art, Alison Wright, photography, portrait, natural light photography, natural photographyTop Five, best bits, degree show picks, dundee, Dundee blogger, Scottish blogger, Scottish art school, textile design, printed textiles, fabric design, printed silk, colourful fabrics, Rachel Key
Degree show time is one of my favourite times of year. I love visiting as many art schools as I can and seeing what the students have been working towards over the past 4 years. They always provide me with so much inspiration and, more often than not, some new designers to follow and covet. This year turned out to be no different as I headed along to the opening of Duncan of Jordanstone Collage of Art and Design week long exhibition. This is a big one. I spent most of my weekend visiting and revisiting it to try and take everything in. Picking just five favourites was extremely tricky but I've tried to show a variety of work from the different courses. For the full experience I'd suggest you head along in person. The DJCAD degree show runs until Sunday 29th May. But, for now, here are my ones to watch:

Top Five, best bits, degree show picks, dundee, Dundee blogger, Scottish blogger, Scottish art school, Illustration, colourful scene, dinosaur, positive vibes, Alice Carnegie, Allolune
Top Five, best bits, degree show picks, dundee, Dundee blogger, Scottish blogger, Scottish art school, Illustration, colourful scene, dinosaur, positive vibes, Alice Carnegie, Allolune, lobster, pink, you can do it
1.) Alice Carnegie
I've been aware of Alice's illustration work for a while now. Ever since the Pop Dundee pop up shop where I bought several of her illustrated postcards that can now be found hanging on my wall. With her colourful designs and movie references I was very excited to see her work in the degree show. Her Brainscape diorama blew me away. It is so colourful and bright and full of fun. It's filled with a mix of found and hand made objects that represent Alice's creative mind and some of struggles that go on in there (hello planet procrastination). I love all the different little touches and that the over all feel of it is positivity.

Top Five, best bits, degree show picks, dundee, Dundee blogger, Scottish blogger, Scottish art school, jewellery deisgn, contemporary jewellery, Jerome Dauphin, Kenzie Wallace
2.) Kenzie Wallace
Kenzie is another designer I've been keeping my eye on. Not in a creepy way. Just in the normal Instagram following way. I first became aware of her designs at another pop up, this time one of the Christmas variety. I treated myself to one of her rings and bought a necklace as a gift for a friend. For her degree show project, Kenzie created an alternative persona (Jerome Dauphin) to look at the how the designer plays an important part in the experience of making, selling and buying contemporary jewellery. I love the resulting designs. They're abstract, futuristic and unusual. There's something space age / alien about the fantastical head pieces.

Top Five, best bits, degree show picks, dundee, Dundee blogger, Scottish blogger, Scottish art school, Fine Art, photography, portrait photography, natural light photography, faces with freckles, red heads, curly hair
3.) Alison Wright
I loved Alison's wall of portrait photographs. They are paired down and have a real truthfulness about them. Taken using natural light, with candid models wearing no makeup, the images are striking yet relaxed. All of the subjects have amazing faces. From freckles to red hair, curls to piercings there's something individual and unique about them all. The different scale of the photographs just adds to the display and made me instantly want to take a closer look. I spent time studying each image and especially loved the three large scale photos that you can see at the start of this post.

Top Five, best bits, degree show picks, dundee, Dundee blogger, Scottish blogger, Scottish art school, textile design, fabric design, printed textiles, illustrated fabric, colourful fabric, Rachel Key
4.) Rachel Key
Being from a fashion uni background I always enjoy checking out the textile department of any university. The stand out for me was Rachel Key's bright collection of printed fabrics. Not only are the designs bold but so is the message. Looking at women's perceptions of themselves, Rachel picks out the unique things that make each lady different. From a variety of body shapes, freckles and body hair, these "imperfections" are highlighted and made beautiful. The designs become a celebration of rejecting unattainable beauty standards and embracing the fun and freedom of being yourself. I want a wardrobe full of these positive prints please!

Top Five, best bits, degree show picks, dundee, Dundee blogger, Scottish blogger, Scottish art school, Veera Krouglov, interactive art, ceramic art, creature art, mural, wall art
5.) Veera Krouglov
Interactivity adds a whole other level to an art piece, as well as some extra enjoyment. That's certainly true of Veera's work. She displayed a number of different mediums, from animation and murals, to flicker books and ceramics. There were so many pieces on display but the whimsical creatures Veera has created bring it all together into a cohesive exhibition. The large painting on the wall featured magnetic pieces that could be moved around to create different compositions. I love it when I'm invited to take part, change and have fun with an artwork.

So what do you make of my picks? I might have to cheat and add a few more of my favourites to our Facebook page. There were just so many top picks! Also, if you fancy seeing what I wore to the opening of the degree show, I was street style snapped by The Daydreamer.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Blog Crushes 21

Kimberley is crushin' on... The Velvet Epidemic
blog crush, blogger crush, favourite blogger, blogger tips, The Velvet Epidemic, cahrity shop chic
A word of warning before you read this blog: you must appreciate satire. As well as being a total babe with a strong boho/ norm core/ charity shop chic aesthetic, Stevie is hugely self-deprecating and openly mocks her look and insecurities in a cartoonish and clever way that I can really relate to. A particular fave is her post 'How to make boys fancy you and do everything for you and fall in love with you....' And she always looks sexy in a subtly non- try hard way. Obvs.

Although I really recommend reading the blog, you can also catch her outfits over on Instagram and Twitter.

Helen is crushin' on... Leopard Print Elephant
blog crush, blogger crush, favourite blogger, style blogger, uk blogger, Leopard Print elephant, fashion student, colourful 80s style
This may be a relatively new blog but Jamie has a strong writing style and a whole load of opinions that I love reading. Discussing pertinent millennial issues such as gender, narcissism and love, alongside sharing uni life and style tips, I really enjoy the mix of subjects covered. Plus, when there are this many amazingly colourful outfits in one place, you know I'm going to be a fan. Jamie has amazing style and a wardrobe to covet. And this Fashion Iconography Look Book is on a whole other level.

Like Kimberley with The Velvet Epidemic I encourage you to read the words on Leopard Print Elephant but if you're looking for a quick colour injection them Jamie's Instagram is the place to be. At the moment it's all about yellow.

We're also lovin:
  • We want everything on Ayelined  monochrome Monki and Lazy Oaf purchase list!
  • The lovely Ruth from Urbanity Blog writes candidly about her recovery from anorexia with some thoughts she's had along the way. We heart her.
  • Flame haired babe Frankly Ms Shankly is giving a saucy harness a go with her underwear as outerwear challenge. Want!
  •  Make up tutorials were what the internet was made for, right? Lisa Eldridge has a whole host of top tips to help step up your makeup game. 
  • Dundee filmmaker Dylan Drummond created some videos about graduating DJCAD students. Hooray for degree show time!

Friday, 20 May 2016

May Wishlist

1.) Silver Holographic Takeout Bag | Skinny Dip London
This has been on my wishlist for so long that I thought it had popped up in this one already. holographic, novelty shape, pompom. It's the golden triangle right there. And it's on sale so... it'd be rude not to...

2.) Be Mine Lichtenstein Earrings | Doodad and Fandango
Okay, I admit it. Since getting my 80s ugly jumper nails done I've been craving all things graphic print (can you tell by today's collage?). These would clash (and therefore work) with absolutely everything! Poppy and fun, you can't go wrong with these danglers.

3.) Waterfall Flag Jacket | Pope London
Since popping into the store last June I have been obsessing over this brand. At the time, it as all the insect collars that had me coveting, but now I'm loving the colour combos. That gradient mac? The silhouettes and layering of the pieces are just beautiful.

4.) Atomic Clutch Bag | Tiff Manuell
This was a difficult one. Difficult to choose just one, that is. So many vibrant prints and colours! if you're looking for something to really make an outfit pop then any of them will work (read: buy me them all pls).

5.) Zebra Mother Fluffer Bikini | Jade Clark
I've been following Jade Clark on instagram for a while and I love this Yorkshire lass' style. Her Barbie collection was pure sass but it's her swimwear that hit the spot for me. I love the added details of frills or trim and this zebra print with marabou pom is the right side of trashy. (But I also need to mention *that* Jessie tassel jacket of my dreams). I wouldn't say no.

wishlist, wish list, fashion wishlist, spring summer 2016, ss16, Totem Works, statement necklace, necklace with tassels, orange wishlist, I am acrylic, tv brooch, television jewellery, retro tv, Pilfered, Beetlejuice, beetle juice cushion, sandwork cushion, Belair, orange fringed bra, fringed bra top, neoprene clutch, Jen Cheema, abstract clutch, orange clutch bag, scottish blogger, fashion blogger scotland, Dudnee fashion blogger

1.) Supreme Natural Necklace | Totem Works
I love the colours and shapes of this statement necklace. It has a great mix of  natural textures with bright pops of colour. Plus it has tassels!!! It's strung on an adjustable cord, which is something which always appeals to me. I enjoy being able to change accessories up so it fits perfectly with an outfit. 

2.) Television Brooch | I am Acrylic
I am a bit of a TV addict. If I'm in the house the tv is usually on. Mostly I just like the noise in the background but I also love binging on my favourite shows. Now I can wear my tv where ever I go with this super cute brooch. I love the retro colour and shape and the added sparkly screen. 

3.) Sandworm Cushion | Pilfered
Beetlejuice is up there on my top films list, so having a part of the film in my home would definitely work for me. This sandworm cushion is the perfect parts creepy, unusual and colourful. A couple of these scattered around the house would make me very happy indeed.

4.) Abstract Print Clutch | Jen Chemma
Bright colours and a bold abstract design, that's a winner in my book. I love the collage look of this piece. It's made of neoprene so a practical fabric to have. Plus I really like the feel of it. A very handy attribute for a clutch bag.  

5.) Shimmy Shimmy Bra Top | Belair
Ok, so I may not be able to pull of this bra top but that doesn't mean I can't lust after it. I mentioned my love of tassels earlier but full on fringe ranks even higher for me. The vibrant orange colour is amazing but it also comes in a range of other (equally bright) colours. The matching skirt is just the icing on the cake.