Friday, 30 May 2014

May Round Up


Watching: At the start of the month I took in a few films at the Dundead horror film festival. My favourite (of the selection I saw) was The Battery. This low budget indie flick breaths new life into the zombie genre with humour and a killer soundtrack.

Buying: I've finally got myself a new camera! I've taken the step up from my pink 'point and shoot' to the Panasonic Lumix G5. Getting to grips with all the functions is going to take a bit of time but hopefully you will be seeing some sharper and clearer images on the blog from now on.

Reading: I haven't been reading that much this month as I'm still working through the massive boxset I mentioned in last months round up. I have been working through my Etsy School workbook to try and get my head around SEO. It's still a little baffling but having small tasks to work through definitely makes it easier.

Doing: I spent a whole weekend at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design degree show. There was so much to see! Rosie Kimber's bright pink pieces were some of my favourite. I love degree shows and can't wait to take a look around Edinburgh College of Art this weekend!


 photo MayRoundUp_zps87e31dbd.jpg

Doing: I'm preparing to move house. Woohoo! We are technically downsizing from a semi- detached house to a flat but it's in a prime location and really great building. And I'll still have a dressing room, even if it comes with only one wardrobe. I am very excited. Unfortunately that means we have to clear out a lot of  our stuff so I've been donating huge bags of clothes and books to charity.

Buying: As we are moving, I'm in the middle of making a big grown up purchase- buying a new sofa. We are upgrading our Ikea set to a fancy new corner number with love seat. Oooh. Aahh. The decision is not being taken lightly- did you know that you also choose the colour scheme and it takes nine- NINE- weeks to order?!
I'm not cut out to be a grown up.

Watching: I'm unashamedly getting through Sabrina the Teenage Witch. One thing that I suddenly remembered (apart from the details of every.single.episode) was how excited I got, aged 12, that Sabrina had the same weird top as me. It was an unusual printed top that my aunt had bought me so no one else at school had one and I was beyond happiness. Sabrina had it in two colours so it must have been good. It was way cooler than the dress- over- shorts look I attempted after watching Clarissa Explains It All that my primary school peers just didn't get (until the following year when matching sets were sold in shops).

Reading: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I've just started this book so I can't say much about it yet, but I've heard good things about it! I'm sure when I have a spare minute to get into it I won't be able to put it down.

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Monday, 26 May 2014

DIY Challenge: Helen's Tee

DIY, handmade, stamp, summer, watermelon, tropical, t shirt, easy, step by step, how to

Summer is approaching and I am looking forward to lighter layers and brighter colours entering my wardrobe. There is nothing more essential in hotter weather than a simple tshirt. They are just oh so comfortable and easy to wear. I have a whole bunch of different designs waiting in my wardrobe but there is always room for more. I am loving the fruity patterns that are appearing at the moment so I thought I'd jazz up a simple H&M tee with some tasty watermelon slices.

Fancy one of your own? Here's how.

DIY, handmade, stamp, summer, watermelon, tropical, t shirt, easy, step by step, how to

You will need:

1) A sponge. I used a little kitchen one that I got from Asda.
2) A roller. Not an essential piece of kit but rather handy. A rolling pin / wine bottle wrapped in cling film would also do the trick.
3) Scrap paper / cardboard / newspaper.
4) Fabric ink in pink, green and black. Mine are from Handprinted and Wicked Printing Stuff.
5) Scissors.
6) Paintbrush.
7) Tray. Or at least a surface you don't mind getting inky.
8)  A plain tshirt.

DIY, handmade, stamp, summer, watermelon, tropical, t shirt, easy, step by step, how to
Step 1
Iron your tshirt (if needed) and then lay it out flat. Take your scrap paper or card and sandwich it inside the tee. This is to stop the ink bleeding through to the back. Make sure all areas of the tshirt that you are going to print on have a layer of paper underneath.

Step 2
Cut your sponge into a triangle / watermelon slice kinda shape. I didn't worry about being too precise as the sponge is quite soft and won't print exactly as cut. This was all part of the painterly look I was going for.

DIY, handmade, stamp, summer, watermelon, tropical, t shirt, easy, step by step, how to, roller, brush, even printing
Step 3
Role out your pink ink so it's even and place the sponge in it. Make sure the bottom of the sponge is fully covered. You can do some test prints onto paper to make sure it's looking the way you want it.

DIY, handmade, stamp, summer, watermelon, tropical, t shirt, easy, step by step, how to
Step 4
Get printing on your tee. You can measure out the placement of your design before you start or just go for a random arrangement like I did. Make sure you press down firmly and re-ink the sponge before printing each slice.

DIY, handmade, stamp, summer, watermelon, tropical, t shirt, easy, step by step, how to
Step 5
Get some green ink on the go. I didn't have any to hand so mixed my own. Use a paint brush and paint a line of green along the shortest side of each triangle.

DIY, handmade, stamp, summer, watermelon, tropical, t shirt, easy, step by step, how to
Step 6
Clean the green off of your brush and then dip it in some blank ink. Use this to add the seeds to each slice. Go for as many or as few as you fancy. I did a mix, mostly because I was making it up as I went along.

DIY, handmade, stamp, summer, watermelon, tropical, t shirt, easy, step by step, how to
Step 7
Wait for your ink to dry. I left mine overnight which worked out fine and dandy.
Get your iron on and heated up and then hold it on your design for 20 - 30 seconds. This will fix the ink and means you can wash your new tee without worrying about dying the rest of your clothes. Make sure you fix each part of your printed design.

DIY, handmade, stamp, summer, watermelon, tropical, t shirt, easy, step by step, how to

Voilà! You are done and ready for summer! Get the cocktails on the go and relax on the beach in your new tshirt. You may need a cardigan / rain jacket / parka over the top though. I can't guarantee the sun will be shining but your new tee will help you to pretend.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Helen's May Wishlist

I can't believe it's almost the middle of the year!  May has come around super quickly and it's already halfway gone. Summer is in my sights and my wardrobe is slowly making the transition. The winter coats have gone but I'm still keeping my rain jacket close to hand, I'm in Scotland after all. Here is what I'm lusting after to give my outfits a fresh look for the months ahead.

1.) Pink Trench Coat | Dahlia
The sun may be visiting from time to time but there are still plenty of clouds, rain and wind to contend with. While temperatures may be up it's still not tshirt weather, so having a sensible coat on hand is very important. This little number ticks those boxes while being super stylish to boot.

2.) SWALK Necklace | Mona Mara
This necklace makes me think of simpler times back when I received horrendous valentines cards with this message on the back of the envelopes. At the time I never knew what it stood for. I'm older and wiser now and would much rather have the message in the form of this pretty necklace.  

3.) Cloud Co-ord Set | Mod Dolly
Co-ords are all the rage right now and I am more than happy to jump on that bandwagon. They give a great statement look when worn together but can also be easily mixed and matched with other pieces. This cloud print is perfect for the warmer weather. 

4.) Gold Sling Back Sandals | Zara
You have no idea how much time I spent searching for gold shoes for Kim's wedding last year. These ones are pretty much exactly what I was looking for!! A tad annoying, but they would still slot into my wardrobe nicely now. Plus they are such a good price.

5.) Wideside Cloud Sunglasses | House of Holland
I'm finding myself drawn to blue at the moment as I dream of perfect blue skys. Cloud prints are also really catching my attention (as you can see). These are the perfect sunglasses to go with the Mod Dolly co-ord set. In fact, looking at all my selections, I think I've pretty much picked my perfect May outfit. 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Kimberley's May Wishlist

I am about to move house and I have interiors on the brain. The main living areas of my house are decked out in wood, vibrant oranges and punchy lime greens, with a mixture of modern shapes and tribal patterns. Now it's slipping into my wardrobe and I am craving all things tropical. The anticipation for summer (hurry up weather, this is getting silly!) is just adding to my desire for all things bright. Here are my current faves:

1.) Sassy Lime Co-ord | Glitters For Dinner
This summery outfit may be a bit draining on a pale skin tone like mine  but I'm sure I can overcome that for this amazing co-ord. A great pairing with any BBQ drink.

2.) Hollywood Pineapple Pot | Debenhams
It's a known fact that I go loco for anything pineapple shaped. I want this for my new spare bedroom (read dressing room). I also want the silver ring dish version. And by want I mean need.

3.) Bingo Ball Bracelet | Henry Holland
I am not a fan of bingo. I don't get excited by gambling scenarios and I don't play, apart from my family's annual Christmas prize bingo night. However, I am enjoying this quirky multicoloured jewellery from Henry Holland. So fun!

4.) The Hunt Midi Ring | The Rogue and The Wolf
This simple double triangle shape reminds me of chevrons. Although I haven't snuck this pattern into my house, I've got my eye on some teacups. This ring is striking without being too masculine for my ladylike digits. I like it.

5.) Jungalista Silk Shirt | Silken Favours
I love absolutely everything in the current Silken Favours collections- the pineapple cushion (amazing), the precious pussies scarf (swoon), and the jungle print everything. I want it all!

Have you scoped out any pineapple shaped items I might enjoy? Send information this way, pleeeease!
 photo kimberleySignature_zpsf529626b.jpg

Monday, 19 May 2014

Helen's New Hair

I've been thinking of cutting my hair for a while now. Having long hair can be great, there are so many different styles and do's to try. But, the fact was, I would hardly ever do anything different with my long locks. I was always too busy in the mornings or just didn't have the skill to create the look I wanted. So I decided enough was enough, I'd just chop it all off. Well not all of it, but most of it. So the search started to find the look I wanted. Pinterest was my very best friend for this. I loved putting together a board of inspiration and these were the some of the looks that stood out.

After a bit of debate, I settled on a 1920's bob that could be styled sleek and smooth for special occasions or mussed up for a more casual look. Once that was decided I booked my appointment at Miss Dixiebelle's in Edinburgh. This shop, salon and beauty parlour specialises in all things vintage. You may remember Kim and I got our hair styled by the Miss Dixiebelles Glasgow girls for my Bday and we also got our hair styled in the Edinburgh salon for Kimberley's wedding.

As you can see they did a bang up job both times. And, even though Miss Dixiebelle is not my usual hair dressers, I knew they'd be the best place to go for my new look. I sure was right about that as my stylist, Ariana, got the look I was after straight away. I am so happy with the results, it turned out even better than I imagined. Plus the chair chat was great, we debated fast zombies vs slow zombies and sorted out our zombie apocalypse strategies. Definitely my kinda place.

What do you make of my transformation?
 Before and After photos from Miss Dixiebelle Facebook page.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Nail Inspiration: Wardrobe Conversations

Happy Friday everyone! We hope you've enjoyed our week of blog birthday celebrations. We have had a whole bunch of fun putting together these posts. To top off we thought we'd celebrate using one of our favourite methods - nail art! This set is inspired by some of our very own outfits from the past year. Can you guess which ones?

Ok you can stop guessing now. Ta da!

And if fun painted nails wasn't enough for you, we've also put together a wee giveaway so you can create your own nail art. It's just our way of saying thank you for reading/commenting/tweeting us over the past year. We very much appreciate it.

Anyway, enough of the sap, let's get on with the good stuff. We've picked some pretty Models Own polishes and accessories and packed them all up in a Jolly Good tote bag. For your chance to win just follow the instructions below. The giveaway runs until Friday 21st May at 9pm GMT and is open to international readers.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Blog Birthday Celebrations (Part 3)

Kimberley wears:
Top | H&M
Skirt | H&M
Shoes | Primark
Glittery Bone Necklace | Kitsch Kitty*
Cat Ring | I Love Crafty (borrowed from Helen)

Helen wears:
Jacket | H&M
Top | Monki
Dress (worn as skirt) | H&M
Boots | Clarks
Lucky Penny Sugar Skull Necklace | Kitsch Kitty*
Brooch | Rock Cakes

All week we have been celebrating our blog's first birthday. We've had girly tea party dresses, sparkly party wear and now our final celebration look- colourful and relaxed. Suitable for a fun garden party, which we're hoping the weather will allow lots of this summer.

Yesterday we showed off some cute gift boxes and we can finally reveal what was inside- our amazing necklaces from Kitsch Kitty!

Kitsch Kitty has been a recent favourite of ours- featuring on a wishlist and in one of our Unlikely Syle Icons post, so we are happy to be showing off some more of her goodies. She creates colourful and quirky handmade treats that do not fail to make us smile. We can't decide on a favourite, so now that we have a necklace each, we will be swapping and sharing (like good friends do). We're sure you'll see these popping up in future Styled By posts.

Tomorrow we will be rounding up our Blogiversary week with a nail art inspired post, including a special giveaway.We do like to share the gift love.

These celebratory posts have been a lot of fun for us to create- maybe too much fun going by some of these funny faces. Before we get back to our normal post schedule, here's our last creepy shot to keep you awake at night. Enjoy!

Photography by Ross Bull

* - gifted items

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Blog Birthday Celebrations (Part 2)

Kimberley wears:
Top | H&M
Skirt | H&M
Tights | New Look
Shoes | Primark

Helen wears:
Top | Zara
Dress (worn as skirt) | Topshop via Ebay
Shoes | Peacocks
Necklace | H&M
Belt | Charity Shop

And the party continues! This time with sequins, streamers and cocktails. We had great fun making a mess with party poppers and generally mucking around at pour party for two. In case you missed it, yesterday our wee blog turned one and we are celebrating all week long. Yesterday saw balloons and cake for a bit of a girls birthday party vibe but today we've gone a bit more grown up. As you can see grown up doesn't equal sophisticated in our books, it just means adding cocktails.
As you can see today's celebration also includes presents, all wrapped up in pretty Paperchase gift wrap. We know birthdays aren't all about the presents but they're still pretty nice. Check back tomorrow to see what's in our little parcels and swing by again on Friday for your chance to win a wee present of your own. We do enjoy making the most of a birthday!
Bonus fact 1: Kimberley does not trust Helen with knives, fire or party poppers.

Bonus fact 2: We both love gifts.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Blog Birthday Celebrations (Part 1)

Kimberley wears:
Dress | Darling via Swish
Shoes | BHS
London Necklace | Made by Helen
Pink Necklace | Jolly Good
Pink Ring | Jolly Good

Helen wears:
Dress | Vintage Style Me
Shoes | Clarks
Socks | Topshop
Belt | Dorothy Perkins
Necklace | Jolly Good
Ring | Made by me
Dino Fasinator | Made by me

Happy birthday to Wardrobe Conversations!

We've been blogging together for ONE YEAR! Documenting not only our wardrobes, but also our friendship, has given a fun twist to our posts. To celebrate we've organised a week full of special posts. Yesterday we started with a look back at our first year and today the birthday party really begins.

Two guests make a party, right?

On this occasion we finally did a photo shoot with both of us in it together. This hasn't happened since our very first post! Unlike that one, we didn't wear matching clothes but pulled out our prettiest party frocks. We also managed to get in some of our beloved 'The Shining' creepy faces, in between all the giggling and cake eating. Because it wouldn't be a celebration without a cake. And it certainly wouldn't be a post by us without lots of cake. Even if the table got emptier by the photograph as we swiped them from the display between shots.

Photography by Ross Bull.

A big thanks to everyone who has read our posts, commented or tweeted us this last year. We hope you'll stick around for our birthday fun and beyond.