Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What Helen Wore: World's Smallest Street Market

Jacket | Matalan
Blouse | Vintage
Jeans | Matalan
Shoes | H&M
Eye Ring | Cheap Frills
Diamond Ring | Made by me

For my adventures to the World's Smallest Street Market I thought I'd over load on polka dots. After all, why wear one spotty item when you can wear three! I hardly own any jeans so when I spotted (haha!) this pair for a bargain price I thought I'd snap them up. They're a bit more fun than my usual dark denim but still subtle enough to be worn as a basic. The spotty shirt I picked up at Funk Fair ages ago and I still love it. To finish it off, I threw on the jacket as the weather forecast wasn't looking so good. Turns out they got it wrong, AGAIN, and I was absolutely boiling! Weather app, you are >this< close to being deleted.

After a peruse around the market, and eating ALL THE FOOD at The Tinsmith, Ross and I took a wander around the Dundee Uni campus. There are lots of fun little nooks and crannies, including pretty gardens and interesting graffiti. We discovered good old James Duncan around the back of the art school that bears his name. Since he matched my outfit pretty perfectly we decided to snap some photos by his side. Plus I love the cheeky wee quote.

Thanks be to Ross for his photo taking abilities.


  1. I've not seen you in a pair of jeans for aaaaages! The blouse is perfect, I think you should do a wee tutorial on how to make it with some fun printed fabrics too xxx

  2. you are the cutest! and all the yays to polka dots! love that top.