Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Gift Ideas For Guys

It's nearly Christmas guys and dolls!! A week from now it'll be the eve of and we'll be sitting watching festive movies and eating ALL the mince pies. Gift buying time is slowly running out and we are still struggling with a few of ours, mainly for the people we know who are of the male persuasion. They can be damn tricky to buy for and we find it rather tough to keep to our shop small ethos where the gents are involved. Luckily more and more gentlemen emporiums are popping up to help us in this quest. We thought we'd search a few of our favourites and hopefully help you in your last minute shopping too. 

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1.) Hogans Beard Oil | Hard Grind
One such emporium which has sprung up recently is Hard Grind. A barbers, clothing store and  coffee house this place caters for many of the modern mans needs. As well as stocking some killer brands they've also got a few products of their very own, including this beard oil in a strawberry scent. Vegan, cruelty free and leaves your man with soft, sweet smelling facial hair - that's a sure fire winner for us! This delight can be ordered online or pop into their Dundee store for lots more man friendly treats.

2.) Melton Wool Bomber Jacket | Kerrie ALDO
We came across Kerrie Aldo at the Tea Green Makers Market and loved her top quality clothing. This bomber was looking particularly spectacular. Being a little more than what we'd normally spend ( but so worth it for the super high quality), these jackets are only for guys who've been extra good this year. You can find up to the minute Christmas stock info on the website and can order said stock right up until Sunday to get Xmas delivery. Plus there are some rather tasty ladies options on there to. Hey Burgandy Wool Zip Overcoat, we're looking at you.

3.) Tweet Tie | JACK (et) by Jill Skulina
For the smarter gent in your life why not check out the selection of embellished ties by Jill Skulina. We enjoyed this wee chatty bird, but the grizzly bear is also rather fine. And they're even finer now with 20% off . She also offers some sweet embellished jackets for both men and ladies, as well as a range of cute collars for any dog shaped fellas you may know.

4.) Moustache Unisex Badge | Runaway Fox
The perfect stocking filler for guys (and gals) being that it's compact in size and a ruddy good price to boot. Runaway Foxes brooches are all rather man friendly but this one is especially so. The tortoiseshell acrylic and wood combo is just so dapper! It's also available in necklace form too. That'll be one for him and one for you then ;-). 

5.) The Grinders Bobble | Abandon Ship
Abandon Ship certainly know how to cater for stylish gents. The McQueen shirt is proof enough of that. Sadly sold out (for now), there's still plenty of good stuff available from them. Including this mighty fine bobble hat. Spot on for keeping your menfolk warm this Christmas and also a bargain at only £10! Super! Order online or nip into the Glasgow store to grab your gifts right up til the last minute.

6.) ManHamper | The Brotique
And for the ULTIMATE man gift, The Brotique present the ManHamper. Pick a size and fill it with a selection of their amazing products. From books to moustache wax, gadgets to glasses, there will definitely be something in there to suit any male you know (and plenty that we'd love too). Priding themselves on supporting small designers they feature a great selection of brands and cater to a plethora of budgets. Order online, call them up or make your way to their Edinburgh store to grab the perfect gift for your guy, dad, brother....we could go on but you get the idea.

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  1. I love the idea of giving books instead of cards at baby showers. I also give books to kids as gifts other times of the year like Christmas and birthdays. My daughter loves getting new books.

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  3. I like the basket one! So cool. Perfect for gifts. Thanks for sharing.