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How To Blog as a Duo

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This post is a bit of a weird one because we're no experts but we've been doing this for a wee while now and it seems to be working.

We constantly get asked what it is like to be a blogging duo. How does it work, who does what and how can we still like each other? In various interviews, twitter chats and dinner conversations we have given the 'origins' story (i.e. we are besties and have been since school. Wanna know more? Read About Us) but that doesn't explain how we blog. Here are our top 6 tips for being a blogging duo, but they are useful for any collaboration!

1. Find Someone You Can Stand
This is a no brainer but is trickier than you might think!
Working on a long-term creative project together, whether paid or not, can be stressful. Since we've known each other a long time, and have worked on previous projects, we knew we could do it longer term. Our ideas are in sync and our aesthetic is very similar in many ways- it's why we pick the same accessories.

2. Strike a (Power) Balance
There's always a power balance in play in any team. Normally, it's clearly laid out by a hierarchy but not so in a creative pairing. This can cause rifts from butting heads or a partnership can wilt from a lack of assertion.
For information, Helen is The Boss. She is excellent at planning and likes things spelled out in advance. I coordinate events for work so I can find it exhausting and boring at home. I'm more than happy for Helen to assume this role and tell me what we're doing, as it avoids anxiety for both of us. I trust Helen to plan meticulously but if I'm not happy about something I can let her know. It doesn't cause too many issues as we'll often find we have the same thing in mind.
Our main sticking point is event arrival- I prefer to arrive just after the start time (and I mean just after, not 'fashionably' late) but Helen likes to be nice and early for everything. We are constantly the first to arrive, like a couple of newbs!

3. Use Your Strengths
In the early days we did everything equally, meeting to work on it together and splitting up tasks 50/50. Soon we realised each others strengths and weaknesses. There are clear differences in how we operate. This is normal in life and we're always honest with each other. Rather than homogenize, we try to embrace and push each other to do our best at what we do.

Behind the scenes, Helen is the technical side and I'm the social side. As well as the talker, I'm the writer of the two of us. Helen has a great eye for locations and photographic details. Obviously we both have the fashion and style thing down. Styling is where we become a real team- we work together on a weird twin-like wavelength when we work on styling projects together.
Wardrobe Conversations, blogging duo, scottish bloggers, #scotstreetstyle, Wear Eponymous, The Wardrobe, mannequin, fashion stylist
Wardrobe Conversations, blogging duo, scottish bloggers, #scotstreetstyle, North East Scotland, photoshoot, fashion, Coven, witches
Wardrobe Conversations, blogging duo, scottish bloggers, #scotstreetstyle, Coco Fennell, Karen Mabon, matching outfits, fashion twins,
Wardrobe Conversations, blogging duo, scottish bloggers, #scotstreetstyle, stylist, fashion shoot, lookbook, Wear Eponymous
Wardrobe Conversations, blogging duo, scottish bloggers, #scotstreetstyle, Wear Eponymous, fashion stylist, Scotland, award winning, Glasgow
4. Organise
This is vital for us because we each have full time jobs, responsibilities and we don't live close by each other. Time is precious! We use a Google calendar to schedule our month- what posts we'll have and what events are coming  up. Although we post consistently, 3 times a week, we rarely struggle for content ideas.  In fact, with a growth in events and collaborations, which are often last minute, the plan can go out the window a bit but having a back up post is perfect for times when you just don't have time to produce content. We message each other pretty much daily anyway so we're always in contact, usually Helen gently reminding me to do something, or just sending a message to say we really enjoyed the other's post. We are each other's number one blog fans.

5. Compromise
It can be hard to split up the workload evenly. In the early days I felt quite guilty because Helen had a lot of setting up to do of the pages and editing photographs for posts and I am useless at this. However, these days it's managing our social media that takes up a vast majority of our time and that's mostly down to me. We have subsequently re-organised things. Helen manages our emails and dips into the social media at weekends, when I try to take a back seat. Blogging is an ever-changing hobby so it's important to keep evolving as a duo too. It can be easy to be dragged by the momentum of invites and offers and living in different cities means we have to turn them down more often than some.

6. Have Her Back
This is one of the best parts- you can take a break or pick up her slack without affecting the flow of your blog. Recently we were both elbow-deep in wedding prep so we took a week out but normally we can cover each other's breaks quite well. Helen knows it takes just one text and I'll sort it out. It really is great having someone to support you.
Wardrobe Conversations, blogging duo, scottish bloggers, #scotstreetstyle, halloween, fashion film, lookbook. Coven, behind the scenes, North East Scotland, Runaway Fox
To round off, here's all the other good stuff:

The Best Bits of a Blogging Duo

  • Matching outfits. Yes, re-live those annoying sister moments in adulthood!
  • A shared wardrobe. You can instantly double your accessory list. And if I were to cut my toes off, we could double the shoe cupboard too...
  • The personal stylist that comes with the wardrobe
  • A constant plus one for those scary blogger events.
  • A sounding board for your ideas and writing. And whether you look like a bag lady in that coordinate.
  • Late night messages with a hilarious new "Unlikely Style Icon" idea (think Flight of the Conchords level of absurdity)
Lastly, you know you're onto something good when you look forward to reading the other person's posts before they go live!
Wardrobe Conversations, blogging duo, blogging tips, award winning, scottish bloggers, cocktails, sequins, party dresses, how to, fashion stylist

I hope you've enjoyed a little peek into the life of Wardrobe Conversations and all our old behind the scenes pics! The photos came from collaborative posts with Edinburgh Fashion Week, The Wardrobe, Halloween Girl Gang, Edinburgh Bloggers, Wear Eponymous and our 1st Bloggiversary.

If you too are affected by someone making you turn up early for events please get in touch. Don't suffer in silence.

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