Wednesday, 9 March 2016

What Helen Wore: Edinburgh Fashion Week

The second Edinburgh Fashion Week rolled around and I was faced with a dilemma - what to wear?! I wanted to make sure I included plenty of indie design and I also wanted to be comfortable. It was due to be a fabulous but long day so comfort was key. In the end I decided to infiltrate EFW with some Dundee design, in the form of my awesome Kerrie Aldo cat dress. One of the down sides to blogging is it does make me feel that I should be wearing something fresh and new for every post. This is a ridiculous state of mind to be in, especially when my bank balance can't fund it! Plus my wardrobe is full of favourites that I love. This pinafore dress is one example of that. I wear it a lot in my everyday life but because it's been featured on the blog before I was reluctant to wear it again. Stupid, I know. After mixing it up with this simple orange top from H&M and adding some awesome pins to my coat, I felt good to go. Rewearing and restyling is a vital part of the way I dress so why not reflect that here! Plus this top, matched with my hair and glasses, makes me feel like Velma from Scooby Doo. Not a bad thing in my book.

Dress | Kerrie Aldo
Coat | Warehouse
Boots | Zara
Bag | H&M
Top | H&M
Necklace | La La Land
Pins | Finest Imaginary/ Rock Cakes/ Datter Industries
Rings | Datter Industries/ VeraMeat/ Jerome Dauphin

With my outfit set, I was ready to get down to the business of the day. The opening weekend was full of fashion shows, talks, stalls and chat. The venue looked fabulous and the ANTA decorated VIP area was a dream to hang out in. With a full couple of days it was hard to pick out my highlights but I managed to narrow it down to my 4 favourite things about Edinburgh Fashion Week 2016:

1.) Shopping Pom Poms
Just like last year, I really enjoyed checking out the stalls. There was a lovely handful of independent boutiques showing of their wares and it made for a colourful mix. Everyone was really friendly and super passionate about the designers and brands that they stocked. From beautiful homewear in Biscuit, colourful Taisir Gibreel tops from Covet and pretty jewellery at Kakao by K, there was something from each stall that caught my eye. One thing that seemed to tie all the stalls together were their pom pom offerings. Each had a different fluffy friend to entice me. Pastel, multi, bright and white, they all had my heart a flutter. 

2.) MoonWalking Down the Catwalk
One of this years sponsors was MoonWalk and they celebrated with a charity fashion show and auction. A number of celebrities and Scottish designers got involved, creating one off pieces to raise money for a good cause. There were some unexpected contributors (Bay City Rollers I'm looking at you) and some amazing creations (hello dreamy Hayley Scanlan number).

3.) Getting the VIP treatment
The VIP space was a lot bigger this time around and filled with fabulous furnishings by ANTA. It was nice having a place to sit down between shows and having access to WIFI is just what every blogger longs for. An extra added bonus was having the Benefit ladies on hand. Perfect for a makeup top up from a professional. 

4.) Meeting Friends - New and Old

My absolute favourite thing about these kind of events is catching up with old friends and making some new ones. It was great to catch up with familiar Blogger favs like Frankly Ms Shankly, I am Ema McLeary, SkittlisFashion, Satishfashion, Love from Lou Lou and the ladies from Urbanity Blog. It was so nice to chat a bit more to some familiar faces - Amanda Apparel, Little Katie's Little Thoughts. And great to make some new friends: being photographed by Duncan Reddish was so much fun and listening to 17th Street talk and then chatting to her was just plain lovely. And, of course, hanging with the simply sassy Eshiva Wright is always a good time!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fab fashion week and I am loving the cat dress.

    Emma Inks