Tuesday, 8 March 2016

What Kimberley Wore: Edinburgh Fashion Week

Try a mohawk, she said. It'll be fun, she said.

And it was! When Helen suggested I switch up my freshly pink hairstyle with a faux mohawk for this outfit, I had to give her the once over. "Are you taking the piss?" It can be hard to tell with her. People think she's a real sweetheart but I'll tell you, she loves nothing more than watching me do something stupid. And I'm very suggestible. Anyway, a surprisingly short 20 minutes later I'd thrown up this (iced) gem of a hairstyle. Not bad for a first attempt, although I'm cringing at the back section now that I'm seeing it, I should've rolled it tighter. Or maybe braided it from the bottom up. I'm not a hairdresser okay?!

Dress | Isolated Heroes
Leggings | New Look
Boots | Topshop
Coat | New Look

It did give me a bit of a boost- something a bit more bad ass than my usual granny style. And you need something a bit cooler when you are rocking a bit of Isolated Heroes! Yep, Helen and I snuck a wee bit of home-grown Dundee fashion talent into Edinburgh Fashion Week.
I got this dress as a Kickstarter Reward way back in December but I've been looking for an occasion to wear it. When else can you wear mermaid sequin tear drops than at a fashion show (or five)? If you've been following our twitter or instagram you'll know we were there the entire weekend at the Marquee on the Mound for the main events. We practically moved in- everyone working it knew us by the end.

Helen and I had a bit of an exhausting whirlwind of a time as we attempted to get the most out of it (squeezing in a brunch and milkshakes in between) but I definitely had some favourites:

1.) Satisfashion Style Tutorials
Obviously I have to start with these. Like last year, Laura Russell from Satisfashion was on hand to help the public style up for Spring Summer with talks and tutorials. We really enjoyed the Satisfashion and Friends session on Saturday with fellows stylists, including 17th Street. They discussed favourite pieces, investing in staples and best tips. So, I should probably also mention that we took part in the Sunday Satisfashion and Friends talk about vintage clothing, along with babe Ema McLeary. I quite enjoy waffling about my interests so I found it really fun, like we were just chatting with our girls over coffee (although those mugs certainly didn't have hot drinks in them...). We discussed Ema's big vintage collection secret (which will remain between us girls and the audience), our style icons (Clarissa Explains It All and Paloma Faith) and a certain 'gameshow host' jacket I once owned. Helen and I also showed off a wee slice of our growing scarf collections and gave an easy headscarf tutorial. You can see a how to- with video!- here.

2.) Let's Talk Fashion Panel Discussion

Scottish Fashion Creative Network hosted a panel of industry professionals, including our faves Sara Hill and Samantha McEwan. Colin Gilchrist did a great job as host and it flowed smoothly with plenty of good questions from the audience. A brilliant talk- especially for students- the main thing I took from these people who have been around for years is a reminder that no one knows it all. It's a constant learning curve and everyone needs help sometimes.

3.) All the friendly faces!

Okay, okay, Helen already covered this. But one of my favourite things about this hobby is all the amazing people I get to meet and hang out with and share our weird obsession of all things fashion. It was also great to chat to the hard working team behind the scenes who were putting it all together. We bumped into fellow #DundeeBloggers member Diarmuid Mackinnon backstage and finally met brilliant photographers Ellie Morag and Yemi King (and her adorable kids).  Duncan Reddish took some beautiful pics in the VIP lounge. The Vita Coco girls were lovely and the Benefit cosmetics babes helped us get camera ready for our interview on Reviewsphere. Hanging out in the VIP area with our main Edinburgh Bloggers girls Emily, Katie, Louise, Veronica and Jen was the icing on the cake.

4.) The ECA Post-Graduate Collective Show

What a way to close the weekend! Of all the catwalk shows, this was the most creative and well styled. I mean, of course- these students spent months crafting the looks together!
The only complaint I'd have is that I wanted MORE! The number of designers included in this show could have been increased as it was super short but sweet. I didn't get any photos from it but they were showstoppers. Eleanor Paulin was a clear stand out- handprints and vibrant threads. The details were superb, with the motif even appearing on the shoes. Fernanda Goodship produced a sophisiticated Spanish-inspired collection in cobalt blue that was all ruffles and movement. Be still my heart! Rachael Eustace's collection had a much rawer style with denim, exposed edges, doubled up jackets and clips as accessories.

You can see more behind the scenes snippets on the EdinEvents Youtube video (can you tell I enjoyed my pampering?!)

Well done to everyone behind the launch weekend- looking forward to seeing what you pull out next year!


  1. Ah, what a great wee round-up. Although whether it's given me the confidence to wear my own Isolated Heroes dress (I went for the rainbow tears option, and I feel like a sparkly bag lady in it) remains to be seen...

    I love that Ema has a vintage Hole t-shirt, of course she does.

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. You should totally get it out! In these photos it was under my coat so it wasn't as *out there* (despite the clashing hair). Just dress it down with black jeans and a jacket until you get the urge to unleash it in its full glory. And you will!