Thursday, 30 June 2016

June Wishlist

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1.) Body Shop Dress | House of Cards
I'm having a bit of an Australian moment. There are SO many great designs coming out of Oz right now, and being able to keep up to date with them on Instagram is amazing. House of Cards is a great example. All their prints are just amazing! I'm sure these body parts would go down with Helen too, being creepy but I like the striking colour combination and silhouette.

2.) Boston Print Clutch Bag | Quincy Designs
A bit more local, this Edinburgh-based brand is keeping things simple with a striking print- of Quincy Market in Boston- that they're rolling out to a small selection of bags and scarves. It's really effective (and really affordable!). Want!

3.) Orb Bacterio Necklace | Totem Works
These necklaces merge two of my favourite things: geometric shapes and 80s patterns. And what a fun collection! This is another instagram find so I'm not sure when these pieces will be available to buy but please make it soooon!

4.) Star Clear Heels | Public Desire
Public Desire just keep turning out these killer perspex heeled boots. I think I've had at least ten on my mental wishlists so far. I've chosen these as a new fave, but I've actually had a pair of clear shoes before and I know that they make my feet look like swollen sweaty trotters. So maybe these ones will remain here. Maybe the nude sparkles instead?

5.)  Melting Crop Top | Emma Mulholland
Rounding off with another Aussie love affair from Emma Mulholland. This street label is loud but wearable (like anything wouldn't be for me). This is one of my favourites- the only thing I love more than ice cream is an ice cream print in sequins. Delicious.

wishlist, shopping wishlist, wish list, shopping inspiration, Laura Spring, Homebody Makes, Godiva, Oh My Clumsy Heart, La La Land
1.) Lucky Black Cat Tee | La La Land
I'm forever on the look out for more items to add to my crazy cat lady wardrobe and La La Land have got me covered. This tee has some subtle kitty vibes that would give me a great everyday option. Just look at that cute wee face.

2.) 14K Gold Arc Earrings | Oh My Clumsy Heart
I love the simplicity of these arc earrings. Simple is not usually something you find on my wishlists but there's just something about these that's got me hooked. Oh My Clumsy Heart know how to do clean lines and minimalism to perfection.

3.) Vintage Yellow Summer Dress | Godiva
Yellow seems to be having a moment and I am right on board with that. It puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step. This vintage dress is super cute and would be excellent attire for a summer picnic. Plus it has pockets!And look at the size of them!

4.) Grid Pot | Homebody Makes
Gardening is not my forte. Any plants I've owned have quickly met their demise (well, apart from one cactus which is still going strong). But this pot is too cute to pass up. And, as cute as it looks with some greenery in it, it doesn't have to be used for plants. I'm always on the look out for more awesome storage spaces for my trinkets.

5.) Wristlet Pouch | Laura Spring
Yay for more yellow! This little pouch is available in a whole host of colours but I've been won over by this sunshine shade. It's a handy size and a cute shape. Plus it has a detachable wrist trap to make it super easy to take with you everywhere. 

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