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Styled by Kimberley: Pink

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"The outfits aren't hugely exciting but you have excellent hair" is how Helen sold these old photos to me. In truth, I can't even remember taking these and I've no idea where the background's from. But my hair is quite nice, if slightly windswept.

As Helen explained on Monday, we're a bit behind with blog posts, due to me being a bit unwell and Helen having other stuff going on. I don't mean that in a "Sorry for our absence, dear readers, because I know you've been just sitting waiting for our next post lol!" way. We just like consistency. And we have some great stuff in the pipeline, so it's really frustrating to not have it ready to go out!

The blog has always been a hobby for us; a creative outlet, and any opportunities that have risen from it are a brilliant bonus. However, lately it has been feeling a lot like a job. Being invited to events is great, but doing it on top of a 9-5 and other responsibilities can take its toll, and recently I've been feeling a bit of burn out. A lot of burn out, actually. I spent about three sleepless weeks where I struggled to even eat but still tried to attend every event, apologising for my constant tiredness. Sometimes you just have to say no and I'm the worst at it. This was inevitably followed by two weeks of bailing on everything and sleeping, feeling like I'd been knocked out, and coming down with every lurgy going. It had to stop.

I've taken some time off work (and blog posts, soz) and ditched the mindfulness and yoga for some good ol' fashioned couch potato action. As instagram-able as those Lush bath bombs and pilates mats are, it wasn't what I needed. I've honestly never been so excited to watch telly in my pyjamas. I don't normally watch tv, except at my mum's; I generally alternate between rushing around doing things and requiring nine hours solid sleep a night, so relaxation of any kind is a luxury for me. I'm constantly clock watching. I get up early at weekends. Sleep in until 10am, you say? That's half the day wasted! Not this week though. Eating junk food and curling up for a few days means I'm even up to date with the current Netflix fave- I've just binge watched Stranger Things along with the rest of the world. That's right, I've not waited two years to get round to watching an entire series! Go me.

So, now that I'm relaxed and re-energised, I'm able to hit the Edinburgh Festival with some level of enthusiasm. I don't know about you but I find picking shows quite stressful. There's too much in the book and navigating the website is a nightmare. Everyone knows that most things are word-of-mouth. Thanks to my Festival-obsessed boyfriend, the difficult decisions have been made for me this year.
To help you along, here are a few things I've been to/ I'm going to this week:
  •  Desiree Burch: This is Evolution - Desiree is an American comedian who really spins a story. She used no cue cards, and rarely paused, but had everyone laughing constantly about her childhood memories, sex and life experiences. Also, this stand-up show is on a double decker bus, because the Fringe= random venues galore.
  • The Moira Monologues by Alan Bissett - I saw a short version of this one-man show a number of weeks ago, so it was first on my Fringe to-see list. The comedian really paints a picture of the 'hardest woman in Falkirk' and her neighbours. It is weirdly nostalgic for any working class Scot. I'm taking Helen along to this one.
  • Ashley Storrie and Other Erotica - stand-up from Glasgwegian Ashley Storrie, peppered with excerpts from her own erotica (spoiler: it's awful). She's very natural and creates a charming rapport with the audience. I have a soft spot for her because she reminds me of my old pal Kirsty, blogger at Indigo Buttons, when she's telling a story. She just draws you in.
  • Starman - Sven Ratzke leads a David Bowie-inspired cabaret. It's a little self-indulgent, and the storytelling is messy, but the costume is pretty fab and it contains some Bowie hits, albeit not in the singalong way the audience would perhaps like. I had mixed feelings about this one.
  • Every Brilliant Thing - billed as a funny, poignant play about depression, I'm not quite sure what to expect but I'm going on the strong recommendation that I'll both laugh and cry. People clearly don't understand that my heart is stone. I'll bring tissue just in case, I guess.
  • Nick Hall: Szgrabble - another one- man show (Sort of- there's also a musical accompaniment). This one is a Soviet spy caper centering a Scrabble championship. It is quite absurd and has some serious plot holes (which Nick himself points out) but he has so much energy and the jokes are fast-paced. This is part of the Free Fringe and I really, really enjoyed it.
Okay, I've just realised I've done quite a lot. This isn't even the entire list. Maybe I'll need another Netflix hibernation by the end of the week- any recommendations? As long as its within the last 2 years I probably haven't seen it already...
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