Tuesday, 5 December 2017

December Wishlist

Blogger Christmas wishlist featuring Dita Felici, yayvm, Sleekit, Polymorphics and MIG x Milk Tooth 1.) Mint Aero Clutch | Dita Felici
The level of detail of this hand embellished clutch is unreal. But then so it the price. I love the elevation of everyday items and the retro packages and books that Dita embroiders and beads are fun and nostalgic. This is my dream wishlist item, because I couldn't justify buying this at the moment, but it is an incredible piece of art.

2.) Fried Egg Wall Clock | yayvm
Honestly, you could buy me anything with a fried egg on it and I'm sold. I like the simple shape, bold yellow of the yolk and the frilly edge. To me it's much better than a flower. Although I don't think I own a single wall clock these days, I'd not complain about having this hanging on my wall.

3.) Orange Crush jumper | Sleekit
Scottish clothing designer Sleekit is really nailing jumper designs at the moment. A bit of a departure from past designs with a The Tiger Who Came To Tea theme, the brightly coloured sweaters all feature fun sketched motifs. I'm also really loving the Christmas jumper collection (especially that  fun MWAH one).

4.) Medium Geometric Planter | Polymorphics
I'm in dire need of new plants in my life, since my old ones didn't survive a house move and I've yet to replace them. I reckon a colourful geometric planter will make me take better care of them this time around! I'd also quite like a modern planter for my windowsill herbs. Any tips?

5.) Flower Earrings | MIG x Milk Tooth
This whole collection is fun but sophisticated and has a timeless quality that makes the pieces look more luxury than they are. Milk Tooth can do no wrong in my eyes right now but the Maria-Ines Gul collection is superb. Top of my Christmas list.

Blogger Christmas Wishlist featuring Kaye Blevgad for Anthropologie, Joanna Pybus, Cousins Collective, Studio Emma and Limpet Store
1.) Cat Measuring Pitcher | Kaye Blevgad for Anthropologie
I'm a huge fan of Kaye Blevgad's illustration style (as well as her jewellery line Datter Industries) so when I saw her cat designs for Anthropologie I may have squealed a little. I do love the Measuring Cups but I could definitely see myself using this pitcher as a vase so I could have this kitty on show at all times. Just look at that grumpy wee face!

2.) Pink Pebble Micro Bag | Joanna Pybus
I've been after one of Joanna Pybus' monster bags forever! In fact, I'm pretty sure one featured in a previous wishlist. Now might be the perfect time to make my dreams come true as she's doing a Christmas countdown and offering a bargain monster everyday in the run up to the 25th. I especially love the colour and print of this mini monster.

3.) Crying Heart Charm Necklace | Cousins Collective
All of the pieces from Cousins Collective share a strong tattoo style and enjoy it all. I particularly like this necklace as I think it would make for a great everyday piece, though the Four Eyes Cat Necklace is also pretty high up there on my list.

4.) Tangerine Vessel | Studio Emma
Ever since I came across Studio Emma's work at Craft Scotland's Summer Show I've been thinking about the pretty colour combinations and wanting to add a piece to my home. This little tangerine number is perfect, I just love the rough and readiness of how the colours combine.

5.) Macaroni Cheese Tshirt | Limpet Store
This tshirt is so me! I can't get enough of macaroni cheese, especially during the colder months, and this tshirt would help me share my appreciation with the world. A simple, comfy tshirt for eating simple comfort food.